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For the first post under my “So Sexy” category I had no choice but to turn to the very sexy Omni Roberts. It was either gonna be Omni or Janet on the cover of King. But I’m a Carolina boy all day so I had to show Omni SC love. I know the boys on campus at my alma mater are in love with her. 19 years old on the cover of Smooth Magazine. Cot damn! Keep doing your thang mama.

Shout out to my girl Ashley Brown too, she’s doing her modeling thing hard. She stays in someone’s video, “Jagged Edge’s “Good Luck Charm,” Ali & Gipp’s “N Da Paint.” Damn, where were all the models when I was in undergrad?

I was seconds away from posting the link to see London Charles aka Deelishis from Flavor of Love, booty butt naked, but at the last second, I opted to keep my website classy. But if you really want to see Deelishis, Illseed has the link on his myspace page.

2 Responses to “In Case you missed her…Omni Roberts”

  1. Noel Wigfall

    You Look gorgeous!

  2. baragousigou

    great body nice shape

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