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I wanted to touch on this last week but my computer problems limited my internet use. But North Charleston nuccas are officially South Carolina’s craziest. According to the Morgan Quitno Press’ analysis of 2005 crime figures, North Charleston is ranked the 20th Most Dangerous City in the nation. So I’m more likely to get shot, stabbed, robbed, car jacked or assaulted back home than in 351 other US cities (that’s comforting). This has been a continuing tend for years, N. Charleston ranked 42nd last year, 12th in ’03 and 22nd in ’04.

All these years I’ve been oblivious to these stats, but I knew we were crazy. I first realized Charleston folk had problems as a student at South Carolina State, when my Charleston peeps were ready to fight gang anyone that wasn’t from Charleston just for living. Since then I knew Chucktown had no damn sense but this is ridiculous.

I could look at the bright side, as Bol noted on his site last week, St. Louis is the biggest shithole of all cities. I can believe that, I was in the Lou earlier this year, and Ali of the St. Lunatics took us to the city’s best po’ dumps. From the looks of things there, cats will stick you up for a quarter pounder and smack you for not having cheese on it.

But still for N. Charleston to be ranked that high is a damn shame. I’m not the one to try and elaborate on the reasons or try to find a solution, but something needs to be done. Out ranking Columbia isn’t something to be proud of (I know some idiot somewhere was bragging about Chucktown being SC’s gulliest). Even with Bloods and Crips running around Columbia killing at random, the Metro still can’t compare to violent crimes in the Chuck. (Although, if Columbia keeps on with these triple homicides, it will find its way up the rankings soon).

This whole state is a mess, according to the N. Charleston police chief, South Carolina is rated the nation’s most violent state by the FBI:

North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt said he didn’t pay much attention to the study. But he called the rise in certain violent crimes very disturbing. “We still have work do here, there’s no doubt about it,” he said Monday.

Zumalt said North Charleston is not alone. Current FBI figures rate South Carolina as the most violent state in the country, and problems are on the rise nationwide.

The worst part is that 80 percent of violent crimes were black on black. Matter of fact, I’m going to stop right here because all these stats are starting to irritate me. But North Charleston, Charleston, Columbia, all of South Carolina needs to get it together.

Update: A second triple homicide in Columbia. Nine killings in seven days. This can’t be life.

7 Responses to “Charleston Nuccas Are The Craziest”


    WOW……cuzzo just like you said these stats are NOTHING to be proud of! Once again a great job of doing your homework! But as you mentioned, I know their is some fool running around bragging about these stat’s….haha (laugh of shame)….because in ’03 that fool was me! It all came rushing back to me the minute I read the article, we (all of the U.S.C. cool people from Chas.) all had t-shirts made and stated proudly that “we need not be f*cked with, cuz we 12th in the nation!” I recognize, now, that these stat’s are NOTHING to be proud of and my action’s have shamed myself and are a poor representation for for the black community of one of the prettiest most historical cities in the nation! However a beef that’s been lingering with me since 2002 when I arrived, is the so called “gangsta’s” in Columbia! Don’t get me wrong I understand that there will be 4 real Nucca’s out of 10 in a “GOOD” cliq in cola.! But the majority of these dudes is fake mixing! Columbia dudes get me because they dont actaully have that mentality of “nothing to lose” “trap or die” or “kill or be killed” these dudes be living in big houses and they momma’s and daddy’s be buying them they dickies and red shirts! As far as I’m concerned all them dudes suspect to me! They get gassed up by the fact that “THEY BELONG!”

    get a father figure!
    get a mentor!
    get a job!
    get the hell out of COLLEGE PARTIES starting shit with greeks!

    I’m letting it be known and for the most part I always have, as a CHARLESTIONIAN: I DON’T RESPECT YOU DUDES! IF you LAMES get to screaming and throwing up gang signs at MY PROBATE that’s a wrap for you nucca’s! I’ll show you what gang violence looks like! And anotha reason I know these dudes is suspect is cuz they have THE NUMBERS everytime they in da spot, yet THEY the one’s pulling the guns!!! That part of Columbia’s whole “gang problem” always had me dumbfounded: “Who the f*ck are these dudes beefin with?????” I’ve never seen Crips in Columbia only bloods so….???????

    All you so called gangsta’s: “YOUR NOT REAL TO ME, THEREFORE YOU DONT EXIST! SO POOF, VANISH S.O.B!”


  2. Randy Exclusive

    You a fool Juice. I must admit, in my youth (prolly while attending State) I would have been proud about the stats too. But those were my ignant days. Now, we just look bad.

    Oh and about the Crip thing. I have seen Crips around the Met, although I’ve seen a lot more Bloods. Either way, those dudes need to get the hell on with that. Find a hobby, get some chicks, play some ball, start a blog, something. Just quit with the gang ish.

  3. Troy Gathers

    I feel insulted. For so long we have been killing, robbing, and hurting each other. Brothers and Sisters wake up.. You only get ONE shot at the Dream you always had in your precious mind. Slavery- Buck wheat- and janitors! This is not Black History. But this is the answers to the question: Who are we! The cradle of Life began in Africa. We are great beings, but we have been blinded and lied to. I’m doing my job to educate my brothers and sisters.. Ask yourself two questions for me: Who is Willie Lynch and Who is John Hanson? The truth will set you free! Who built those great Pyramids in Africa? I just had to slide that one in also.. Learn to be an independant thinker first of all and watch the world around you change! You are not bound to what society has labeled you! Free yourself from the world and find your true purpose!!!!!

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Let the people know Troy. What you know about Willie Lynch? I see you grasshopper. On another note, the system has us messed up too. We’re out here killing each other over dollars, when we should be helping each other find knowledge. Find knowledge and the rest shall follow. You’ll can have the dollar, give me the knowledge.

  5. CandyGirl

    I consider myself to be from the heart of the “Chuck”, West Ashley. Born and Raised. Im right in the middle of the north and Downtown. One thing I’ve noticed is that even though Charlestonians really can’t get along, one thing they hate even more than each other are outsiders. If u aren’t from our “set” (meaning Accabee, Eastside, D.Road, Macon, or any of the other hoods) then you dont stand a chance. Nuccas and females from here will come to your town and beat the life out of you just because. And that is unacceptable and embarrassing. Im know sure if the Chuck is trying to put itself on “the map” or what. We’ve got outrageous DVD’s floating around with drugs, guns, and etc. being passed off as “music videos”. Yeah right. The sad part is these “videos” have contained small children as participants or bystanders. So when DSS comes and takes your kid you cant use the “white man” as an excuse. Man up. I sad when your driving thru some of these areas and you see little kids that are 4 and 5 years old and younger and you automatically know they will never have a real chance. That shit is disturbing. As a young black single mother, I am already considered a statistic. I am very well educated, self-supported and live by and uphold old school values. But when people hear single mother, the rest of it doesnt matter. Its my job to make sure that my 6 yr old doesnt become one of those people you will read about 18 yrs from now. Its my job to make him understand that it’s far more important to be judged on your test scores and your character, than your limited edition AF1′s and your one of a kind BAPE hoodie. Let’s get it together. We may not be able to do anything about the present criminals and low lifes, but we need to make sure that our own children, nieces, nephews, and cousins don’t continue the cycle.

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Candygirl, good comment.

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