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November 27th, 2006

I told ya’ll this magazine game in SC is getting crowded. Here’s Geechee One Magazine out of Charleston. I’ve never seen an issue but I heard the first one was pretty wack. But hey Urban Pages was pretty wack in the beginning too. The new issue features DJ Chuck T. Check them out @ And no I don’t write for them but I’ll still spread the love.

2 Responses to “Geechee One Magazine”

  1. Babygirl

    Another hip-hop magazine in Charleston? I’m not surprised at all. Do you think they are looking for writers? LOL (inside joke) I have to say though, DJ Chuck T is in full demand…

  2. Miss Feliica

    Thanks for posting us up on your site. What alot of people get mixed up with our publication is that its a mixed magazine that not only features artists, we also cover history, health, poetry, showcase models, business, talent, and more. It does seem more for the hip-hop crowd in some ways but me being the owner we try to make it more of a mix.
    You never seen Geechee One- hit me up with your address and I’ll send you a FREE copy. (Only if you say you say it on this site)

    Give me a call for any questions or comments at 843-371-9240; and we would love to see you at our 2007 Awards Show and Model Showcase April 28th here in Charletson, South Carolina.

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