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November 28th, 2006

I’m glad Weezy has been able to overcome all the ish thrown at him this year because he’s really been going hard lately. I’ve been bumpin’ this Wayne joint that leak to the net all morning. In my opinion, Wayne is becoming the best rapper in the South (sorry, T.I. Stans).

Lil Wayne – “Cry Out”

November 28th, 2006

Finally, the Clipse are officially back, and I feel it’s my duty to tell everyone to go out and get their album. Unlike that Jay-Z joint, I have the leak but I’m still going to go out and buy it because I know 800k people aren’t going to support these dudes (but they should, Kingdom Come is a coaster compared to Hell Hath No Fury). Half of you people prolly don’t remember who the Clipse are (music fans have short term memories), but Malice and Pusha T are truly what the game’s been missing (aye!). Cop that album.


November 27th, 2006

I told ya’ll this magazine game in SC is getting crowded. Here’s Geechee One Magazine out of Charleston. I’ve never seen an issue but I heard the first one was pretty wack. But hey Urban Pages was pretty wack in the beginning too. The new issue features DJ Chuck T. Check them out @ And no I don’t write for them but I’ll still spread the love.

November 27th, 2006

(Editor notes: It was Thanksgiving weekend but that doesn’t mean people weren’t being fuxing idiots).

Police kill groom hours before his wedding. And the people react. I hate cops.

Man murdered over $20 Clemson vs. Carolina bet. SC always makes national news when someone does some dumb shit.

50 Cent is planning an album for ’07 titled Before I Self-Destruct. Read more here.

It’s imperative that everyone goes out tomorrow and get that Clipse album. Clipse feature here.

Video: Nyoil “What Up My Wigger” (Full)

Video: 2Pac ft. Ashanti & T.I. “Pacs Life”. Whoever is responsible for these bullshit 2Pac songs of late, please stop immediately.

November 27th, 2006

My vaca is over. I made it out of Charleston in one piece, and I actually had a good time in the hometown for the Thanksgiving Holiday. But I’m back like cooked crack on my internet game. It’s WritersBlock, baby. YouTube Preview Image

Yeah, I’m a Jody Breeze fan. The dude is talented and I’m putting my money on the dude becoming a star (whenever the hell they decide to bring the boy out). This joint “Fast Forward” featuring Freeway has been one of my favorites in ’06. Hopefully this video shoot means Jody will be coming soon, but you never know. Jody shot a video for “Stay Fresh” over a year ago and most people have never seen the vid.

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November 23rd, 2006
YouTube Preview Image

Damn, Snoop ripped it. Cop that album.

November 22nd, 2006

Shout to eskay at Nah Right for always getting the info. first. I’m really anticipating this Nas album. At first I was siding with Nas, hip-hop did feel dead for a minute, but the fourth quarter has resurrected the culture. And this album should add to what has turned out to be not such a bad year for hip-hop after all.

South Cack stand up! Congratulations to the kid, Gemstar. The Lexington, SC native is the first unsigned artist to release a Gangsta Grillz mixtape. Who said SC doesn’t have rappers? The dude came out of nowhere but since he popped up on the scene the homie has been flooding the streets with mixtapes. The first mixtape was hosted by P-Cutta and the second mixtape was hosted by DJ Jelly. Now the dude is back with DJ Drama, and it really doesn’t get any bigger than that. Gemstar isn’t like most SC rapper, he’s coming with metaphors and punchlines, up north style.

Here are a couple samples from the Star Studded Gangsta Grillz

Gemstar “Child of God”

Gemstar “Banana”

The Star Studded Gangsta Grillz drops on December 5th, log on to and support South Cack.

Word on the streets internet is that Hov is on pace to do something like 800k this week. That’s equivalent to smashing the first week sales numbers of every album (fux just hip-hop)…EVERY ALBUM this year. (Source).

Man, and I didn’t even buy the album, (I have the leak, what’s the point?). It’s extremely cold in the Metro for no apparent reason, and I don’t see the point in leaving the warmth of my cozy crib to cop an album I already have. I hope half as many people copped that Snoop joint, it’s a way better album. I thought leaks were killing the game but I guess not. Speaking of leaks, the Ying Yang Twins album leaked today…(*crickets*). I just thought I’d let ya’ll know.

November 22nd, 2006

I just think her new album is an earache. I don’t think Candylove realizes this yet, but part of the reason she’s here at WritersBlock is so she can post her feminism viewpoints vs. my rather barbaric banter (hey, isn’t that what female/male relationships are all about?). So, with that said…sometimes Beyonce’ gets on my fuxing nerves. I understand that the girl can sang, she’s arguably the best young vocalist in R&B music. That’s not the problem. I should also note that the girl is extremely gorgeous, and I’d impregnate B’ with my seed any day of the week, that’s not my problem either.

I’m sorry, I don’t care what anyone says that B’Day album is shit cereal. Out of the 10 tracks on the album, only two are worth listening to on a good day. Another thing, why does the album only have 10 tracks? Probably because she rushed to finish that bullshit to coincide with her 25th birthday, hence the title B’Day (yawn). Actually, I knew this album was going to be a train wreck the moment I saw that horrid album cover (what’s that bird’s nest of a hairstyle and stupid ass look on her face?). “Deja Vu” was a lackluster attempt to rekindle the magic of “Crazy In Love” and the video was a hot mess. (There’s nothing appealing about watching Beyonce’ wallow in the dirt). I didn’t think she could make a worse video until the chick lost her damn mind with that “Ring The Alarm” shit.

And her third single, “Irreplaceable” coupled with the popularity of “Upgrade U” has every dusty ass hoodrat thinking they can upgrade swagger profuse brothers like myself (*clears throat*), or kick a nucca to the curve. Bad news hon, your boy is a first rounder everyday of week, and my stock is rising on the daily. It’ll take more than an average broad with ten fingers, ten toes, and two tatas to raise stocks over here. I’m not going to sit here and saying I’m irreplaceable but I’m damn near. So go sit your naive ass down somewhere.

Hey, I’m not hating on the girl. She did numbers this year, but I bet the 2 million people that bought her album didn’t know it would be like opening a Christmas gift only to find a bag of feces. Talk about disappointment. B’Day fails miserably in comparison to Dangerously In Love. Where are the tracks like “Baby Boy” and “Dangerously In Love 2″ and “Naughty Girl” that were the soundtrack to femininity in 2003, and still had enough bounce and soul, so a hip-hop head like myself could rock to them. C’mon B, what’s going on? Even that “Hollywood” song on Jay-Z’s comeback album is a disaster (even though I don’t fault B, she’s guilty by association).

Still, I know you Beyonce’ fans will fail to except reality and defend this shitty ass album to the death. That’s expected from devoted fans. The girl could have released an album and yodeled folk songs and ya’ll still would have bought it. But be realistic. If it’s wack, it’s wack. And if I don’t like it, I don’t like, that don’t mean that I’m hating. I love B, but her album disappointed me.