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December 1st, 2006

Since today is World AIDS Day, I would advise ya’ll nasty muthafuxas to take ya’ll asses down to the nearest clinic and get a HIV/AIDS test. Especially since South Carolina ranks in the Top 10 nationally in new HIV/AIDS cases, per capita. And according to the HIV/STD Surveillance Report, Columbia and Richland County is the nastiest AIDS infested city and county in SC, and ranks 11th nationally amongst Metropolitan areas (oh and Charleston and Greenville rank 34th and 40th, respectively).

It’s also worth noting that Bamberg is the 2nd nastiest AIDS infested town in the state, and I’m baffled as to what the fux is going on down there.

I had my HIV/AIDS test earlier this year, so I’m good until the next time the condom breaks. But most folks are walking around obliviously carrying the virus and giving it away like lotto money.

Earlier this year I remember hearing about some HIV positive Pretty Ricky going around Charleston deliberately having unprotected sex with unsuspecting women, and had infected nearly 100 victims women. My first thought was, “God damn, he must be the fuxing ladies man to smut 100 women since becoming infected.” But what kind of sick and demented individual devises such a diabolical plan in the first place. This can’t be life.

South Carolina is a fuxing mess. We rank high in AIDS and violent crimes, and we’re the bottom dwellers in income and education. Man, I’ve got to get out of this state while I still can.

Women lie, men lie, stats don’t.

Here’s the HIV/AIDS/STD Data Report: View Here

Get tested.

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