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December 28th, 2006
(Editor Notes: SC Best of Week continues here at Writer’s Block, so today I’ll take a look back at all the artists to release albums (or street albums) this year and pick my favs. I didn’t hear everyone’s album so this list is as close as I can get with hearing the albums that I did hear. If your album isn’t listed, I prolly didn’t hear it, didn’t like it, didn’t play it because the artwork was wack, you tried to sell it to me and I didn’t buy it, threw it away, or you never sent it to me, (Street Gallery). Some people prolly don’t care about SC music (but I do) and wonder why I don’t have a “mainstream” Rap Albums of the Year list. Well, there are plenty of those lists around the net. If you really need to read one, go here. Ok, now that I got that out of the way, here are the SC Rap Albums of the Year).

1. Danny! Charm

Ya’ll can laugh and ridicule Danny all you want. You can even curse me (I don’t care, go to another site). But I’m going to say this empathetically with a straight face, Danny’s Charm is the BEST SC RAP ALBUM EVER!!! I doubt that anyone in SC heard it (except me), everyone else did. Charm was critically acclaimed by,,,, AOL Music, and Billboard, while the rest of you were busy trying to sell me your albums with marker writings on it outside of Main Event. Charm got Grammy consideration this year for Christ’s sake.
On Charm, Danny took a concept and followed it to perfection. He added some punchlines, tights beats, and throw in some skits that effectively added to the concept of the album. That’s prolly the reason Charm is a true ALBUM.

I’m not going to go into the depth of the album, you can check the interview for that. But Danny raised the bar when it comes to making music and a complete album in the Palmetto State.

2. Pheve Planet of the Apes

DJ Chuck T and Pheve released one of the best mixtapes, not only in SC, in rap period. In my opinion, Pheve is one of the most industry ready rappers in SC. He has straight-in-your-face punchlines coupled with a lyrical presence unmatched by most SC artists. Planet of the Apes produced bangers like “Grown Man On,” “Soufcockitback,” and “Yeah”. At least some people are paying attention, this Island Gorilla was nominated for Slept On Artist of the Year at this year SEAs off the strength of this street album.

3. Mac-A-Don Bread Up Vol. 2

When it comes to song writing, Mac is a step above the competition. And on Bread Up Vol. 2 (hosted by Charlamagne Tha God) picks up right where Vol. 1 left off, as the Metro emcee delivers street savvy rhymes with a sound that will bang from the clubs to the trap. This year was a good one for Mac, who was nominated for a Patiently Waiting Ozone Award due to the Bread Up Vols. buzz. Get ‘em Mac!

4. Dan Johns Supply & Demand

Dan Johns is another emcee proving that hip-hop ain’t dead. It’s alive and well here in SC. Dan is one of SC’s best. He does what he does and doesn’t give too fuxs if you like it or not. I like that. On the mic, most rappers in SC can’t see Dan. Supply & Demand proves this.

5. Collardgreen Hustle Hard No Lunch Breaks
6. Lil Ru Hustle Hard 500 Grams

I thought I’d recognize Green and Ru together (ish, when you see them, they’re always together anyways). Same camp, same sound, same Hustle Hard mixtape series. Both street albums were hosted by their Headhunter Records producer, 9 Mill. These mixtapes allowed Green and Ru a chance to get busy in their respected ways and do what they do best…make catchy hits.

7. Charlamagne Tha God Best of the Concrete Jungle Vol. 1

I know, Charlmagne isn’t a rapper but the Best of the Concrete Jungle was better than most SC rap albums. Presented by DJ Chuck T, we got a chance to hear Charla get in rappers’ ish. T-Pain to Chris Brown to Buffie The Booty all felt the wrath of Tha God.

8. Fat Rat La Familia

Fat Rat and Shekeese the Beast brought some real hip-hop to SC. Their is diversity in this state, and Fat Rat shows what an emcee is, on this street album.

9. YaYa Not Yur Ordinary Gyrl

I hate to break the news to you fellas but this chick is better than ya’ll. She’ll out rap you, out style you, and take your girl in the process. That’s gangsta. This Upstate homegirl is one of SC’s best, male or female.

10. Gemstar Da Goldenchild Star Studded

This street album would prolly be ranked higher but I still haven’t heard the whole thing. (And no, I’m not going to Manifest to buy it). I only have the myspace joints to judge from but it sounds like it’s official, and the whole Gangsta Grillz thang doesn’t hurt. Gemstar, the first SC artist to drop one of Drama’s specialties, prolly did his thing on here so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Honorable Mention: Mista Taylor Hood Tested Street Certified, Preach Garveyism, Piazo Street credibility, Ballgame Da Prelude, Nat & Theory Hip Hop Movement

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