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As promised, here is the debut mixtape from rising producer and my Writer’s Block Radio co-host, Sam King. The mixtape is hosted by Maceo and features new and exclusive music from Maceo, P$C, Jody Breeze, Lil Wayne, Mac-A-Don, Charlieo and many others. Merry Christmas from Sam King Entertainment & Writer’s Block Media.

Mind of a Hustla, Soul of a Grinda Download

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December 25th, 2006
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I can’t believe this. I woke up early this morning because of random Merry Christmas text messages from people that I neva eva talk to but I still have their numbers in my phone just in case I need them. I logged on to the net like I do everyday, and the news headlines read “Soul ‘Godfather’ James Brown Dies”. (Source).

This can’t be life. My Christmas spirit is officially dead…again.  

December 24th, 2006
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I still can’t post pics but I can post the hell outta youtube vids. So I decided to post the best Christmas song eva (no, Jim Jones). Nothing says Christmas like Run DMC and “Christmas In Hollis”. I know BET has been playing this joint all week but this is the only rap Christmas song that I like and it’s prolly the only one that I will eva like (if anyone bought that Dipset Christmas album you have permission to die slow), so I’m putting this vid up on the Block.

Since I don’t have any kids nor a wifie to buy Christmas gifts for this year (die bitch, die), my Christmas will be spent at my grandparent’s house watching football and eating southern home cooking while listening to my belligerent grandfather drunkenly babble about nothing until he urinates his pants and marinates in his pissy sorrows.

After that I’ll prolly get up wit’ the crew and hit one of those Christmas parties going down in the Chuck. I heard Bonaporte’s Christmas parties are usually pretty festive.  

As much as don’t do wanna see Dreamgirls, I decided not to check it out tomorrow. It’s just that I remembered how terrible Beyonce is as an actress, and watching her in Dreamgirls will prolly ruin the little bit of holiday spirit I do have (no matter how good Jennifer Hudson is in it).

Merry Christmas!

Phonte of NC rap group, Little Brother, has the best myspace blog eva. I wish I could post this pic of dude being slightly retarded with his d*ck in a Christmas box but my folks have this wack internet service (what the hell is PeoplePC???) and I can’t even get a picture up. So for now just take this blind post for what it is and click the link to read…

Phonte’s The Night Befo’ Christmas

And if you missed the D*ck In a Box vid, check it out here. Classic.

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I really should be getting on the road but I’m just not ready to make that trip in the rain. But I stumbled across this Plies vid. Plies is a newcomer that you all should get familiar with. He’s another trapper that claims to not be a rapper (which is really just a cop out when you’re kinda ass on the mic), but he still finds a way to make some good music. He’s on Slip-N-Slide Records and all of Florida seems to be behind the boy, which kinda reminds me of Jeezy’s movement when he first came on the scene.

Anyways, Plies will be on my New Artists To Watch in 2007 list when I’m finished (WTK, what up). Plies dropped a Gangsta Grillz earlier this year, and I was thoroughly impressed by it. Besides Plies not rapping very well, the only thing I question is his image. Every time I’ve seen the fella he’s been running around with no shirt on. If that’s his thing, I wonder what he does in the winter, it gets kinda cold. Still, the boy will be a problem in ’07.

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I haven’t made my way to the Chuck just yet, and it’s still Nas Week (cop HHID). And since Hip Hop Is Dead doesn’t feature a track with the Bravehearts (thank God), I thought I’d dig up a vid with those bums in it. Nas’ “Oochie Wally” verse might be Little Homie’s weakest 16 eva but I’ve always loved this joint regardless. Remember, this is the joint where Nas gets out shined by his weed carrier Big Horse. Ironically, Big Horse left the Bravehearts shortly after this (he prolly knew the group was wack), and the remaining members, Jungle and Wiz, went on the drop the wackest hip-hop album eva. Shout to Big Horse, no other rapper can say he out rhymed Nas and then walked away from the game.

December 22nd, 2006

My bad ya’ll, I feel like I haven’t been giving my readers those quality ignorant ass blog posts that the boy R.E. is known for. I’m going to be real with ya’ll for a minute, fam. I’m a sucka for pretty light skin chicks with phat asses and this new shorty has me getting soft like YN before he tied the knot. In between knocking out my Free Times, Skope and Ozone assignments, I’ve been on some real winter time Young Gunz caking bullshit. Give me until after New Years and I promise I’ll be back to normal.

Right now I’m juiced up from a can of Red Bull and a king sized Snickers bar, and I can’t really go to sleep. So I’ve been bumping this new Devin The Dude track that I downloaded from The Rap Up.

Devin The Dude “Treatin’ Me Cold”

Ironically, this song is some soft ass ish too but oh well.

I’m headed down to the Chuck for the holidays tomorrow and my peeps still have that wack ass dial up ish, so I might not be blogging much over the weekend. But I’m sure you all have something better to do than surf the internet for the holidays. But be sure to come back through on Christmas day for that Sam King mixtape.

Once again, I apologize for my lack of critical breakdowns, but at least I’m being honest with you lurkers. You know I love ya’ll like cooked food. Hey, accept the apology. If not…

Here’s the presidential fux you. Happy Holidays.

December 21st, 2006

Okay, so Jay-Z’s album fuxing sucked but in true hustler fashion the boy Hov bounced back like round ball. Jay-Z and his group of partners will be moving the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn in 2009. (Source).

As if one New York team stinking up the basketball court isn’t enough, (get it together Isiah). The Brooklyn Nets…doesn’t that name suck to you, or is that just me?

Either way that’s big business. It’s sad that I respect Hov more as a business man than a rapper nowadays.

December 21st, 2006

Stephen A. Smith talks with now Denver Nugget Allen Iverson.

YN talks Hip Hop Is Dead on ABC News.

Diddy’s twins have arrived.

Nuccas in Columbia are crazy too, over 50 rounds fired into Columbia apartment.

Sam King’s debut mixtape is coming, free download here at Writer’s Block on Christmas day.

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Let’s keep Nas Week going with a throwback joint. I can remember the first time I heard Nas Nasty…My homie Lil’ James had the Illmatic tape, and while Nas was getting busy on the mic and I recognized the boy’s skills, most of that shit he was spitting went over my young head. This vid was the first time I saw Nasty Nasty. I never would have thought this dude would become one of my favorite rappers eva.

Cop that album. It’s still Nas Week ya’ll, and Lil’ Homie is on pace to do over 200K this week. That’s pretty good considering he had minimal marketing behind his project. I know one of ya’ll bought that Bow Wow album this week too, and whoever it was should be ashamed.