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January 28th, 2007

Word on the streets net is Little Brother member and producer, 9th Wonder, is leaving the Raleigh, NC rap group. (Source). Anyone that knows me knows LB is one of my favorite groups. (Why?). Because they’re prolly the only rappers I can listen to without someone getting shot, stabbed, or raped. Yeah, we all need to hear those songs that make you wanna slap the ish outta somebody, but you need a balance too. And that balance is a rapper that raps about ish the average Joes can relate to. That’s LB. I’m an average Joe. I can relate. So fux ya’ll nuccas.

Anyways, 9th is out, so Pooh and Phonte will have to pay cats for beats from here on out. Which isn’t really a big deal. I interviewed Phonte awhile back and from what he told me, the new LB album was gonna have production from outside producers anyway. 9th, LB won’t be the same without you. But hell, The Minstrel Show flopped so bad, I don’t think 9th not being on the next album will make a difference.

Pooh, Phonte, the pressure’s on.

Little Brother “Pressure”

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