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My birthday was cool but I’m back, delivering to all the most random blog on the internet. Did ya’ll miss me? Anyways, I figured out why 9th left Little Brother. It’s kinda like the reason Big Boi doesn’t like recording with Andre 3000. It’s Phonte, and his randomness. What do I mean? Listen to this track:

Z0 ft. Phonte “African” Courtest of

Ok, the dude can sang a little, and he’s known for a random track like this every now and then. But LB fans are waiting on the Get Back, well, we were waiting before LB got dropped from Atlantic. But back to 9th…hearing ish like this prolly put the dude over the end. And that’s why he always looks disgruntled in all his photos.

If my group member wasted studio time on ish like “African,” I’d prolly have the gas face too.

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