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Tight song. Random video.

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Does BET still show videos? Every time I turn to BET their either showing the Jamie Foxx Show or the Wayans Brother, so I catch all my videos on youtube now.

I’ve been hypin’ up Danny! for awhile now, 1) He’s a dope rapper/producer. 2) He’s from South Cack. 3) He’s a Nupe. 4) I know good music. 5) When someone I give props to does the damn thang, I’m the only one that can say, “See, I told you fuxs”. Well, see, I told you fuxs. The boy Danny walked away the winner of the MTVu and Def Jux contest for the best music on campus. (See here).

And here’s the Press Release:

mtvU, MTV’s 24-hour college network, and Definitive Jux Records today announced the winner of the first monthly record deal competition on mtvU’s “Best Music on Campus” (BMOC): Danny! of Savannah College of Art & Design. Propelled by votes from college students nationwide, Danny! was selected by mtvU and Definitive Jux as the top choice from the scores of acts that entered the competition. Danny! will now head into the studio and record an EP for the fabled indie hip hop label, and collaborate with Mr. Lif on a single and video. The video will premiere exclusively on mtvU and later this year.

Danny! has been doing his thing, google him. The kid is the most successful rapper from SC eva (yeah, I said it! Who else can say their name and Grammy in the same sentence?), and I’m still behind you Danny!, do your thang, fam.

January 23rd, 2007

You can get your free Drama & Cannon T-shirt from I want a shirt myself, but my only question is, aren’t these two already free?

January 23rd, 2007

Ya’ll know the A is the home of ignat music and the newest song sweeping the A is the Alliance “Tattoo.” It’s a snap song about tats and ish featuring Fabo (Fabo is the Dirty South ODB…more on that next month). Of course you’ll never catch me bumping this ish in the Plora but I will bounce to it in the club (even though I don’t have any tattoos, I always appreciate a fine chick with a tattoo on her lower back. It’s good reading when…you know).


The Alliance (myspace page)

My dude Lank loves emailing me original songs of joints that get sampled. I swear I get about five a week. I guess I’ll start posting some of them, it’s not like I’m going to bang this ish in the whip so I gotta do something with them. Anyways, here’s the original song that was sampled on “Real” from Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor.

Harvey Mason – “How Does It Feel”

January 22nd, 2007

I can’t go the rest of the day and not say that I’m geeked about having two black coaches in the Super Bowl (take that Kramer). Black folks haven’t had this much glory since at once since Halle and Denzel took home those Oscars. But damn, why black people always gotta share the spotlight…ok, ok, I won’t ruin the moment, I’ll just take it as it is. At least we know we’ll have one black Super Bowl winning head coach after the game.

Everyone is picking and choosing sides right now. You have some people that are picking Lovie because he’s the blacker of the two, and Tony Dungy can pass for a Mexican or Taliban or something. But then again, Lovie Smith is married to a wife girl, so I guess that evens the two of them up (I can’t see myself rooting for a big black dude named Lovie either).

I’m going for the Colts myself, based on the fact that Peyton Manning is always my fantasy football quarterback, I feel like I have ties to him. My coworker is from Chicago, so I have to hear him running his fuxing mouth about Chicago this and Chicago that, now until the Bears start stylin’ and the Colts knock them the fux out. I guess I can handle a Chi-town loud mouth for a trip to Miami. I can’t wait, with two black head coaches in the Bowl, you know the tailgates will be on point this year. The women in Miami are the finest (Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, oh my) and parties on South Beach are going down…”Mami, ven aqui…the party’s over here!”

January 22nd, 2007

Former South Carolina Gamecock and current Cincinnati Bengal Jonathan Joseph was arrested today for marijuana possession. (Source). The Bengals and the Gamecocks both have a history of players getting arrested so I wouldn’t get mad a J. Joe, the ish is in his roots.

January 22nd, 2007
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I saw that NBA commercial where Juelz (ah!) raps over a Just Blaze beat last night while I watched the Bears destroy the Saints. Anyways, it wasn’t the Super Bowl (by the way I am headed to Miami Super Bowl weekend) but the commercial is pretty tight. Like most Nike shoes nowadays, the kicks pretty much suck so I won’t be coppin’ them (I’ll stick to Air Force Ones).

I know I’m pretty late on the blog tip today, I’m still in Atlanta, running around trying to get my life together. But I logged on the The Rap Up today and Rizoh has the new cover of King Magazine (The Best Men’s Magazine Eva!!!) and Ciara is on the cover looking good enough to eat (thanks, Riz). To me, sometimes Ciara is hot, other times, not so much. But today Ciara, I salute you.