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February 27th, 2007

I’m just getting on my blog game today because I was up until the crack of dawn writing magazine reviews and I’m pretty much on the brink of never wanting to hear another rap song again in my life. I was working so late last night that I missed the finale of that horrid White Rapper Show that I couldn’t stop watching for some odd reason. But I did catch the last five minutes which was just enough time to see $hamrock bringing home the White Rapper Championship to the South. When this show first started my thoughts were all of the rappers on that show pretty much sucked ass and in the end those feelings never changed. But I am glad the $hamrock was the best wack white rapper because that further solidifies the notion that the South is dominating everything in hip-hop right now (even if it’s corny VH1 shows)

Because $hamrock is from Atlanta, I feel a slight connection to the fella and I’m glad that King of The Suburbs clown didn’t win. Although, I never understand a word $ham rapped all season expect an occasional “24″ or “Ice grills” line, the dude was a fuxing muss mouth, I’m pretty sure if I could understand him the bars would have prolly been halfway hot. Personally, I thought that fat chick, Persia, was the hottest but she kept spitting the same bars and everyone knows recycling bars in hip-hop is lame but maybe she didn’t get the memo.

I’m wondering how the casting for this whole show went down because I’m pretty sure they could have found at least 1 white rapper that could spit hot fiyah (no Dilon). I can easily think of one white rapper (of course he’s from South Cack, Camden to be exact) that would rip all of those clowns to pieces. His name…BLIND FURY.

Yes, the fella is blind but somehow he’s still able to battle MCs and joke about their gear, which makes the diss even more hilarious because dude is fuxing blind. You might remember him from that MTV battle competition that went down awhile back but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that remembers shit like that. (There should be a rule that if you lose a battle to a blind dude, you shouldn’t eva, eva be allowed to rap again in life).
Anyways, it’s a damn shame Blind Fury wasn’t part of the White Rapper Show cast, I’m sure he would have walked away the winner. How would MC Serch tell a blind dude to “step off”, shit, Serch would have to escort the dude to the exit because he can’t see and could you imagine the discomfort in that scene? Even though Blind Fury didn’t make it on the White Rapper Show, you’re still SC’s favorite white rapper. (Wait, let the think about that…………………………….yeah, I can’t really think of any other Carolina white boys with skills, so yeah, you’re still SC’s favorite white rapper).

YouTube Preview Image
February 26th, 2007

I was riding down Peachtree Saturday and saw this lime green Caddy with Patron written on the sides of it and realized that people do the most retarded ish to their cars. That Patron car was almost as bad as the dude in Columbia that painted his car Benedict Tigers colors and rode around with a For Sale sign in it. Who wants that ish? Anyways, I got an email with a bunch of retarded cars and the fools that drive them. They dummin’…

February 22nd, 2007

I’ll prolly make my way out to this networking event tonight, it might be the last time we see Drama before they throw his ass in jail (I kid, I kid).

And shout out to my dude, Young Burna for winning a talent competition at Club Peacock in Atlanta last night. SC, all day.

February 22nd, 2007

When I originally started WriterBlockMedia back in October the plan was to be joined in this blogging expedition by a few of my favorite SC bloggers. After I evaluated the situation the only person that had what it takes to rep The Block was my homegirl Candyluv. I brought her in to add a feminine perspective on a lot of issues that I could give two ishs about or would just two step all over in my own sinister way. But the girl has been going through some thangs so she hasn’t been much of a consistent contributor to The Block. The last thing I remember is her random engagement announcement back in November. And the last I heard she was somewhere pissy drunk in Atlanta on New Year’s.

Having Candy down with The Block has kinda been like giving someone a key to your house and not knowing when they’re coming through but when they do come, you know they’ve been there.

But Candy is getting her life together and she’s vowed to return to The Block more often and I don’t think she’s engaged anymore. She stopped by The Block yesterday and she’s ready to start back blogging. So if you read a post and it does seem like the typical R.E. swagger, read the author, it’s prolly Candyluv sticking up for Beyonce or talking about Bush’s daughter. (Ya’ll know I would never do those kinda things).

Anyways, welcome back to The Block, Candyluv.

Update: Candy has some questions for the Block’s reader via her myspace page.

So my dude Mac-A-Don (2006 Ozone Awards Nominee Patiently Waiting Carolinas) dropped a new single today via his myspace page. This track was produced by my homie, WritersBlockMedia affiliate Sam King (who’s mastered the art of myspace and facebook promotions by the way). Both of these cats are making noise in my home state and they’re two players to watch in the next few years to be making some major moves out of South Cack. But Mac, you do need some new myspace pics homie.

Mac-A-Don – “Time 2 Get Paid” (Produced by Sam King)

February 19th, 2007

Ya’ll know there’s nothing else I like writing about as much as my home state (South Cack all day, haters). And since I’m no way near cool enough to make it to the Grammys, I have to live vicariously though other people that went. So Danny Swain (one of my favorite SC rappers) got a chance to take the trip after his album Charm was considered for a Grammy nomination. If you look at the pic between Justin Timberlake and that random chick that got to perform, you’ll see Danny in the crowd (yeah, the dark skin dude in the black tux clapping and geeked up…yep, that’s him).

Well, D. Swain wrote a blog about his trip to LA on his myspace page. If you give two ishs about this kinda stuff like I do, feel free to check it out.

Danny! myspace blog: Danny summerizes his experience at the 49th Grammy Awards

February 17th, 2007

Good googly moggly, Deelishis’ ass is so phat Smooth had to give her two covers. Ain’t that some ish. Deelishis came to our Ozone party Super Bowl weekend and I promise you that ass is waaaaaaaaaay bigger in person. It’s about the size of Flavor Flav and I fully understand why she won that last Flavor of Love. If Flav hit that, I’m pretty sure he didn’t do any justice. That ass would prolly need Flav, Chuck D and the rest Public Enemy hitting it all at once to handle it.

I’m throwing in Beyonce looking skinny on the cover of SI just cause, since I didn’t do it last week. I know a lot of my readers are perverts. I check my statistics and a lot of the searches are “booty,” “Melissa Ford,” and “Omni.” Calm down fellas, I got ya’ll.

February 17th, 2007

I’m trying to figure out the reason I didn’t go to NBA Allstar Weekend in Las Vegas when half of the Ozone staff has been there all week.

Last night Jermaine Dupri had a show with Nelly, Akon, Chingy and Weezy F.

And there was also an event called Magic Convention with various artists that went down yesterday too. (And yes, Mistah FAB is my new favorite West Coast rapper).

I’m pretty cool about not being there though. JB would prolly have nuccas running up and down Las Vegas streets trying to pass out Allstar Weekend Edition magazines when all I’d wanna do is try to convince some chicks that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Check more Allstar Weekend photos at the Ozone Mag website here.

Reggie Bush played in the celebrity allstar game last night too. He proved that just because he’s the truth on the football field doesn’t mean he can hoop for ish. He limped off the court last night, I’m not sure if he was seriously injured or not but Ciara prolly rubbed his ankle down after the game.







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