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Writer’s Block Media » Deelishis On The Cover of Smooth

Deelishis On The Cover of Smooth

Good googly moggly, Deelishis’ ass is so phat Smooth had to give her two covers. Ain’t that some ish. Deelishis came to our Ozone party Super Bowl weekend and I promise you that ass is waaaaaaaaaay bigger in person. It’s about the size of Flavor Flav and I fully understand why she won that last Flavor of Love. If Flav hit that, I’m pretty sure he didn’t do any justice. That ass would prolly need Flav, Chuck D and the rest Public Enemy hitting it all at once to handle it.

I’m throwing in Beyonce looking skinny on the cover of SI just cause, since I didn’t do it last week. I know a lot of my readers are perverts. I check my statistics and a lot of the searches are “booty,” “Melissa Ford,” and “Omni.” Calm down fellas, I got ya’ll.

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