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Writer’s Block Media » Why Am I Not In Vegas?

Why Am I Not In Vegas?

I’m trying to figure out the reason I didn’t go to NBA Allstar Weekend in Las Vegas when half of the Ozone staff has been there all week.

Last night Jermaine Dupri had a show with Nelly, Akon, Chingy and Weezy F.

And there was also an event called Magic Convention with various artists that went down yesterday too. (And yes, Mistah FAB is my new favorite West Coast rapper).

I’m pretty cool about not being there though. JB would prolly have nuccas running up and down Las Vegas streets trying to pass out Allstar Weekend Edition magazines when all I’d wanna do is try to convince some chicks that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Check more Allstar Weekend photos at the Ozone Mag website here.

Reggie Bush played in the celebrity allstar game last night too. He proved that just because he’s the truth on the football field doesn’t mean he can hoop for ish. He limped off the court last night, I’m not sure if he was seriously injured or not but Ciara prolly rubbed his ankle down after the game.

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