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February 19th, 2007

Ya’ll know there’s nothing else I like writing about as much as my home state (South Cack all day, haters). And since I’m no way near cool enough to make it to the Grammys, I have to live vicariously though other people that went. So Danny Swain (one of my favorite SC rappers) got a chance to take the trip after his album Charm was considered for a Grammy nomination. If you look at the pic between Justin Timberlake and that random chick that got to perform, you’ll see Danny in the crowd (yeah, the dark skin dude in the black tux clapping and geeked up…yep, that’s him).

Well, D. Swain wrote a blog about his trip to LA on his myspace page. If you give two ishs about this kinda stuff like I do, feel free to check it out.

Danny! myspace blog: Danny summerizes his experience at the 49th Grammy Awards

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