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February 22nd, 2007

When I originally started WriterBlockMedia back in October the plan was to be joined in this blogging expedition by a few of my favorite SC bloggers. After I evaluated the situation the only person that had what it takes to rep The Block was my homegirl Candyluv. I brought her in to add a feminine perspective on a lot of issues that I could give two ishs about or would just two step all over in my own sinister way. But the girl has been going through some thangs so she hasn’t been much of a consistent contributor to The Block. The last thing I remember is her random engagement announcement back in November. And the last I heard she was somewhere pissy drunk in Atlanta on New Year’s.

Having Candy down with The Block has kinda been like giving someone a key to your house and not knowing when they’re coming through but when they do come, you know they’ve been there.

But Candy is getting her life together and she’s vowed to return to The Block more often and I don’t think she’s engaged anymore. She stopped by The Block yesterday and she’s ready to start back blogging. So if you read a post and it does seem like the typical R.E. swagger, read the author, it’s prolly Candyluv sticking up for Beyonce or talking about Bush’s daughter. (Ya’ll know I would never do those kinda things).

Anyways, welcome back to The Block, Candyluv.

Update: Candy has some questions for the Block’s reader via her myspace page.

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