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February 26th, 2007

I was riding down Peachtree Saturday and saw this lime green Caddy with Patron written on the sides of it and realized that people do the most retarded ish to their cars. That Patron car was almost as bad as the dude in Columbia that painted his car Benedict Tigers colors and rode around with a For Sale sign in it. Who wants that ish? Anyways, I got an email with a bunch of retarded cars and the fools that drive them. They dummin’…

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4 Responses to “Hot Ghetto Mess Vol. I: Whips”

  1. O.K.

    dem nigga can never creep around anywhere with them shits!

  2. young hef

    i really hope that the hello kitty car belonged to a female…

  3. chocalick

    yeah, that Dooney and Bourke was a bit much!!!! shit he could purchased the that line of purses for that IDIOT

  4. Chocalick

    I hope these people know that they are advertising this shit for free, Bad enough African Americans are the biggest consumers in America, they have to go and the shit for free… Wake up people. You could save that money for your childrens College Fund

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