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February 27th, 2007

I’m just getting on my blog game today because I was up until the crack of dawn writing magazine reviews and I’m pretty much on the brink of never wanting to hear another rap song again in my life. I was working so late last night that I missed the finale of that horrid White Rapper Show that I couldn’t stop watching for some odd reason. But I did catch the last five minutes which was just enough time to see $hamrock bringing home the White Rapper Championship to the South. When this show first started my thoughts were all of the rappers on that show pretty much sucked ass and in the end those feelings never changed. But I am glad the $hamrock was the best wack white rapper because that further solidifies the notion that the South is dominating everything in hip-hop right now (even if it’s corny VH1 shows)

Because $hamrock is from Atlanta, I feel a slight connection to the fella and I’m glad that King of The Suburbs clown didn’t win. Although, I never understand a word $ham rapped all season expect an occasional “24″ or “Ice grills” line, the dude was a fuxing muss mouth, I’m pretty sure if I could understand him the bars would have prolly been halfway hot. Personally, I thought that fat chick, Persia, was the hottest but she kept spitting the same bars and everyone knows recycling bars in hip-hop is lame but maybe she didn’t get the memo.

I’m wondering how the casting for this whole show went down because I’m pretty sure they could have found at least 1 white rapper that could spit hot fiyah (no Dilon). I can easily think of one white rapper (of course he’s from South Cack, Camden to be exact) that would rip all of those clowns to pieces. His name…BLIND FURY.

Yes, the fella is blind but somehow he’s still able to battle MCs and joke about their gear, which makes the diss even more hilarious because dude is fuxing blind. You might remember him from that MTV battle competition that went down awhile back but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that remembers shit like that. (There should be a rule that if you lose a battle to a blind dude, you shouldn’t eva, eva be allowed to rap again in life).
Anyways, it’s a damn shame Blind Fury wasn’t part of the White Rapper Show cast, I’m sure he would have walked away the winner. How would MC Serch tell a blind dude to “step off”, shit, Serch would have to escort the dude to the exit because he can’t see and could you imagine the discomfort in that scene? Even though Blind Fury didn’t make it on the White Rapper Show, you’re still SC’s favorite white rapper. (Wait, let the think about that…………………………….yeah, I can’t really think of any other Carolina white boys with skills, so yeah, you’re still SC’s favorite white rapper).

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7 Responses to “Shamrock Did It For The South”



  2. Randy Exclusive

    click on his name and go to his website.

  3. young hef

    I remember blind fury from that mtv battle thing. Was that the one that had the dude Swann in it? Oh yeah, the Swann cat is randomly dropping a new mixtape…

  4. Randy Exclusive

    I don’t remember that Swann, dude. I’ll have to google him.

  5. Manny Faces

    Blind kid is kinda nice..

    As for Shamrock, his winning simply epitomizes what is wrong (or what some say is wrong) with rap music today as a whole.. Those who follow the leader instead of come with something new get put on.. Turns out the white rap world ain’t that different I guess.. Oh well, congrats Shamrock.. can’t wait to not play your music.

  6. Infinite Wisdom

    The unsigned, yet retired Amen of Magnum Opus fame should get some shine as one of the best white rappers also.

  7. Randy Exclusive

    Manny Faces, you took the thoughts right out of my mind but I won’t say dude is on. I don’t think anyone will be checking for him…ever.
    And sorry IW, not up on Amen but I’m open.

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