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March 31st, 2007

We’re still on our Ozone FLA Tour this weekend. We’ve been to Orlando to Miami to Daytona for the Black College Reunion, and tomorrow we’ll be in Pensacola for the Get ‘Em Magazine Awards.

You can check out pics from last night’s Rick Ross show here. From what I’ve heard Rick Ross put on a good show, but I wouldn’t know because I was working the whole night.

You can check pics from the Scrappy’s and Buck’s show dinner (them nuccas ain’t even perform) from Thursday in Orlando here.

I’m tired as fux, I’m running off of three hours of sleep right now and I’m feeling like I had a sip of Cam’s Snapple or something. I should prolly try to go out and party since I am at BCR but what’s the point, someone’s prolly just gonna get shot. I’d rather just get some sleep.

March 30th, 2007

Shout out to the boy Tarence Kinsey. The former South Carolina Gamecocks basketball standout is lighting it up in the NBA for the Memphis Grizzles right now as an undrafted rookie filling in for the injured Mike Miller. He’s averaging 19 points a game over his team’s last three contests, including a game where he outplayed Kobe Bryant and held Kobe to only 23 (and we all know Kobe has been dropping 50 lately like it’s nothing).

It’s kinda funny watching a kid that used to do the K-Wang at frat parties get buckets in the Association but it feels good to finally have a couple of Gamecock alums to cheer for out there. I don’t remember ever having a former Gamecock drop 20 in a game since I’ve been a NBA fan (or get playing time for that matter), shit, I missed that whole Alex English era.

It’s nice to see a Gamecock athlete (former or present) making headlines for something besides getting arrested. Go Cocks!!!

I’m headed back to the Sunshine State and my favorite city of all cities in the country…the beautiful Miami (which is another reason my job is better than yours). I’m not sure exactly whats going on this weekend but I’m sure JB will keep us busy. I do know there’s an Ozone April issue release party with Rick Ross so that’s reason enough for you all to hate on me, and the Black College Reunion is poppin’ off in Daytona too. I’m sure I’ll be able to get some internet connectivity in our hotel but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for blogging, so I might just have to catch ya’ll when I get back. If I don’t holla back tomorrow, I’m prolly somewhere sticking d**k in a dancer. Have a good weekend.

March 28th, 2007

With all due respect to the ubiquitous R. Kelly and the drop-a-verse-for-everyday efforts of Weezy F., T-Pain has got to the the hottest cat in hip-hop/R&B music (nullus). Since the rappa ternt sanga fell in love wit’ a stripper, every time I turn on the radio there’s a new song featuring T-Pain. Here, I’ll list them for you:

Bow Wow ft. T-Pain – “Outta My System”

R. Kelly ft. T.I. & T-Pain – “I’ma Flirt (Remix)

Plies ft. T-Pain – “Shawty”

J-Shin ft. T-Pain – “Send Me An Email”

E-40 ft. T-Pain & Kandi – “U and Dat”

J-Bo (of the Youngbloodz) ft. T-Pain – “Studio 54″

And I didn’t even mention that his own single “Buy You A Drink” ft. Yung Joc is fuxing bananas and if it hasn’t broke in your city yet it will be played for the next 2 to 6 months so just get used to it. Who would have thought a dude that couldn’t make it rapping would be shutting shit down across the rap game. Especially coming from a dude that can’t sang worth a damn (deep down inside I know Nate Dogg is envious). I’m still convinced that I can sang better than the fella, especially if I get one of those vocal enhancers but T-Pain, I fuxs witcha (no homo). I slept on your first album but I will be coppin’ that new joint (damn, I never thought I’d be saying that).

March 28th, 2007

Ya’ll know every now and then I like to feature artists that the net needs to know. Well, Young Burna is a Columbia, SC rapper that I ran across on myspace about a year ago. I checked a couple tracks on his page, a couple were wack but then a couple were straight and I could tell the cat had potential. Back then, his biggest problem was he was jacking Kanye’s flow and he’d hit me on myspace to give him some feedback and I’d be like, “It’s cool but you sound like Kanye.” I know that had to be frustrating to him but the cat continued to grind, work on his flow, develop himself as an artist and for the most part he’s been able to shake his Kanye influences and craft his own style.

What makes Burna intriguing to me is his music is so soulful. He raps about real issues that people face in life and he’s not afraid to be interpersonal and passionate in his rhymes when it comes to relationships, emotions, feelings and love, which is something that has been lost in the insensitivity, misogyny, sexism, self-hatred, violence and materialism that plagues hip-hop nowadays.

Last month the kid came to a talent showcase at the Peacock in Atlanta (the same club that Yung Joc was found) and walked away the competition’s winner (my bad I missed the show, Burna), which further speaks to the steps he has made as an artist. Over the past year, I think the cat has emailed me about 10 songs or so that I’ve since added to my iPod, which is enough for me to consider Young Burna one of my Top 10 favorite artists in South Carolina (and I never care what anyone else thinks).

Young Burna: Myspace Page

Young Burna: Spit Yo Game

Here are my 3 favorite Young Burna tracks:

“On This Block”

“2 Way Street”


Bonus Video: Could Never Die

YouTube Preview Image

South Cack, all day. (But ditch that leather hat, Burna.)

Me and my homie Young E had a run-in with the DeKalb County (which is basically Decatur, GA) Police at Club Prime Time this past weekend. It wasn’t anything major but the police were being fuxing assholes (which most police are) just because they have badges, guns and a licenses to kill at will. On the way back E mentioned that he doesn’t fux with DeKalb County pigs because they’re pretty much the gulliest police force in America.

Me, being the investigative journalist that I am and being new to the area, I had to further research these DeKalb County cops. And lo and behold, I found out that the NYPD and the LAPD don’t have shit on DeKalb County. I ran across a Final Call article that stated DeKalb police had murked 13 black people in 2006, which was more than the LAPD and the NYPD (even with the 50 shots that Sean Bell took). The Final Call didn’t mention the number of white people or members of other races, I don’t think Final Call cares about white people cause they consider them to be devils or something, and white people can usually say or do anything to cops without catching a bullet. Anyways, the article also mentioned that DeKalb County police are so gully that murked a 92 years old lady because they thought she was a drug dealer (WTF???).

Now that I know the cops are full of shit in the A, I think I’ll have to agree with Young Buck on this issue. Let’s hope my black ass doesn’t get mistaken for a drug dealer or drop my wallet in front of a pig while I’m living here.

March 26th, 2007

Killer Mike Vs. Big Boi

The Final Four is being held in Atlanta this weekend but March Madness in the A is already crackin’. I heard about Killer Mike spitting on Big Boi this past weekend at A-Town day (that went down Saturday) but I didn’t hear anything official until day. I left A-Town mad early because it was mad boring but apparently Killer Mike and Big Boi made it a spectacle. Once again, has some audio from Killer Mike.

Killer Mike Discusses Fight With Big Boi

Other A-Town News: DG Yola Was Shot In The Face

Someone attempted to rob DG Yola and the Atlantic recording artist was shot in the face. (Source).

Personally, I don’t understand why there’s so much violence in Atlanta when there are sooooooo many beautiful women here. But nuccas do start acting crazy when the weather starts getting hot.

I missed B-Girl fest (which is an all female emcee showcase put on by hip hop head my homies Shekeese and Kingpin in Columbia, SC) last weekend because I was dummin’ out in Austin so I decided to put together my own B-Girl Fest here at the Block. Since it’s Women’s History Month, what better time for me to big up my 5 favorite female emcees? Truth be told, the female emcee is pretty much nonexistence in hip-hop these days. And when you think female rappers, you think Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Trina, maybe. But Kim is prolly trying to have more plastic surgery, Foxy is too busy trying to beat up manicurists and Trina is still crying over Wayne (not to mention she’s kinda ass on the mic).

But there are a few female rappers that R.E. can fux with. Here’s my Top 5 Favorite Female Rappers.

(Editor Notes: My man Young E brought to my attention that I didn’t mention Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hill is the greatest female emcee ever in my opinion but until she gets herself together, she’s irrelevant).

Jean Grae

Net nerds and backpackers awready know what’s good with Jean. And now that she’s down with Talib, I don’t think any hoodrat can see her on the MIC.

Talib Kweli ft. Jean Grae – “Say Something”

Jean Grae: Interview


It’s hard to call Eve relevant since she hasn’t released an album since 2002. But I understand, she’s been getting that Hollywood money, which is way longer than rap money (even if it is a suck azz sitcom). But Eve has been one of my favorite female rappers and she’s never had to rap about sucking dick or fuxing best friends to make it. (R-E-S-P-E-C-T). I have a feeling Eve is cooking up something special with the Good Dr, and since dropping that joint with Kelly Rowland, it’s safe to officially put the Pitbull in a skirt back in the best female rapper alive talks.

Kelly Rowland ft. Eve – “Like This”


I love Shawnna to death because the girl can spit (better than most of the dudes on her label). My only problem is she drops a hot single, a hot album (which always flops) and then disappears. It’s ok though, she’s still a true talent in a league of no talent heffas.

Shawnna myspace page

Ya Ya

How can I do a B-Girl Fest and not rep the Carolinas? My girl Ya Ya will out rap any dude in the game and take your chick in the process. Unsigned and independent out of Greenville, SC, Ya Ya one of SC’s best period.

Yaya myspace page

Shelly B

But without a doubt my favorite female rapper of all is Raleigh, NC’s Shelly B. On the mic, Shelly B is a problem and I haven’t seen anyone put on a live show like she does. And when she’s on a track, bum azz rappers have a choice, step your rap game up or let Shellz outshine your azz.

Shelly B – “Dirt Roadz”







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