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April 28th, 2007


I haven’t been to every city in this country but I’ll go ahead and say that Miami is they most beautifullest city in America. My man E was trying to argue with us yesterday that Chicago is a more scenic city but I don’t listen to half of the retarded shit that E says. It’s 90 degree and beautiful women are everywhere (not that I’m looking for a one night stand or anything), women are so gorgeous round here.

Don’t get it twisted, if you go to the North side of MI-Yayo (which is the hood), you’ll see plenty of busted broads that look like they could be from downtown Charleston or something, but South Beach is the shit. If I had gwop or a job that paid gwop to live in Miami, I’d move in a heartbeat (June, I envy you). But since I’m broke, I guess I’ll just stay my po’ ass in the A, and enjoy my visits to MIA whenever I come down.

DJ Khaled – “Born N Raised”

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April 26th, 2007


Too Short’s Birthday Bash is going down this Friday at Sobe Live in Miami. All ladies wearing a red thong can come to the door, ask for R.E., show your thongs and get in free before 11 pm (I’m lying, you get in free before 11 anyways, I’m just a freak like that and I wanna see your thongs).

Miami is supposed to be the business this weekend for Spring Fest but I’m sure I’ll be down there working (which is still better than your job).

Happy Birthday shouts out to my big bruh DJ and my girl, the Bad Girl Venom. If you’re in Columbia, SC this weekend Frosty and Venom will be celebrating their birthdays with a series of parties Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and I think Charlamagne is bringing down one of those Flavor of Love chicks again.

Anyways, the weather is starting to get warm. There’s plenty to do no matter where you’re at. So if you’re sitting at the crib stuck on stupid, kill yourself.


I had a conversation with this young lady who is 5 years my junior over the weekend, and the question asked to me, “R.E. who’s your favorite artist?” That was a hard question to answer. I have a lot of artists that I like but none of them that I consider to be my favorite (no, not even you Weezy). Actually, the last time I had a favorite artist was Method Man and that was before he went hollywood and made bad movies and worse sitcoms. And then started sacking on his rhymes. But back in ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’97 Method was that dude in my book. It prolly had a lot to do with Method being a tall, skinny, brown skin dude with crazy swag more than anything because I pretty much have that same description.

So I answered shorty’s question, “I don’t really have a favorite artist. The last favorite artist that I had was Method Man.” Lil mama looked at me like I was Don Imus or someone, “Method Man,” she said. “Why in the world would you like Method Man?” Right then and there it hit me. As an ’81er, is R.E. losing connection with younger ’80s Babies. These 18, 19, 20, 21 , 22year olds (yes, that means you, E) have no recollection of the best era in hip-hop music. Back when the Wu Tang was nothing to fux wit’. When Biggie was black and ugly as ever. Back when Nas was a chipped tooth lyrical genius. When the Lox were killing the mixtape game. Then Outkast wore kango hats and Atlanta braves jerseys. Shit, even when Master P was making ‘em say uhh! These kids have no idea. And because of this, today at The Block I have to take some time out to salute my mid-90s heroes. Yes, Meth was my favorite rappr as a teen and here are some of my other favorite peeps growing up in the ’90s.

My Favorite R&B Singer: Mary J. Blige


I really did have a crush on Mary since real love. Back when Mary was on drugs and letting K-Ci beat her ass, you could feel the pain through her music. This new Mary is cool but the new millennium Mary was nothing like the Mary that was Queen of Hip-Hop Soul when I was a teen.

My Favorite Group: Jodeci


My and my ace homeboy, KB, used to think we were K-Ci and Jo Jo. I’d throw my fit cap to the front and be Jo Jo, and he’d throw his cap to the back and be K-Ci. Then we’d attempt to sang sweet Jodeci-influenced nothings into whatever young lady’s ear that was near. (That’s prolly why we both ended up being freaks). Jodeci was the ultimate band in the mid-90s. Ask Jagged Edge, they got their whole style from these nuccas.

My Favorite Basketball Player: Penny Hardaway


Before Penny had injury problems he was the fuxing man. He had a killer crossover, crazy court vision, mad hops, his own shoe and most importantly…Lil Penny. Damn, Penny. I miss you bruh, (nullus).

My Favorite Baseball Player: Ken Griffey Jr.


I played baseball as a teen and I tired my best to emulate Ken Griffey Jr. coming up but it didn’t work that well because he was left handed and I was right handed. Anyways, if Griffey Jr. didn’t get hurt every other at bat the dude would have shattered that Hank Aaron homerun record years ago. Barry who?

You youngsters don’t know what you missed. ’93-’97 were the best years ever.

April 19th, 2007
YouTube Preview Image

The boy that shot up Virginia Tech shot a video and mailed it to NBC before he murked all those people and himself. Yeah, that nucca was crazy.

April 19th, 2007


I apologize for the lack of posts here at Writer’s Block. Sometimes I get crazy busy with Ozone and I can’t make it to the computer to holla at my good readers. But I love ya’ll, man. Yesterday, I spent 6 hours driving to Tallahassee, FL for TJ’s DJ’s, spent 2 hours there, then spent 6 hours driving back and got back at 6 am. But I’m up at 10 am just to holla at my readers.

Now, illseed from wrote the solution to all the rap music finger pointing from the Don Imus aftermath. Why not just kill off all the rappers and start over? BRILLIANT! That would be an end to all the degrading of women, violent lyrics and all rappers that can’t rhyme words with more than one syllable. Of course some rappers with skills that refuse to give up the negative content in their lyrics would have to be sacrificed (Weezy, this means you) but in the end it would all be for the betterment of the music and the culture. Sometimes it’s best to just start over.

Here’s what you do, take all the rappers with true skills and substance in their music and place them in temporary camps, while you exterminate all the rappers that are glamorizing the ills in the black community. Kanye, Common, Nas, Lupe, you guys are safe. Joc, Fabo, Jeezy…sorry boys, I’m gonna miss ya’ll. And anyone that wants to rap after the music has been cleaned up has to sign a contract stating no negative music. If you breach the contract, you die. Period. No expectation. Ok, maybe not. But it’s a good thought. Well, at least I think it is.

Illseed- How To Kill Hip Hop Before It Kills You

April 16th, 2007


Word broke on the streets net today that Romeo has signed to play college b-ball for the University of Southern California Trojans. (Source). The reports state that Romeo will be falling back on his TV and film roles while he does the school boy thang, (which is a blessing because the kid really can’t act worth a damn). I hope the same applies for his rap career. The last rap song that Romeo had that was worth a listen was…………..never. Congrats on the hoop dreams kiddo. Now, stay the fux off the mic. Thanks.


I was pissed when they first brought in this Rocsi chick to replace Free on 106 & Park but homegirl has been looking hotter and hotter every time I watch 106 (but I barely see 106 so that’s not saying too much). King is one of my favorite magazines because they have the best…um…articles (wink, wink) so I’ll be headed to the newsstands asap. I still want Free back though.

April 16th, 2007


My weekend in Orlando was b-a-n-a-n-a-s (word to Gwen Stefani) and besides my LB catching a grey goose bottle to the lip and a white boy catching a beat down at a pajama party (presumably for being white with a smart mouth at a party with a bunch of black people), our weekend in O-Town was awesome (totally dude).

But as soon as I touched down back in Atlanta I started getting news about shootings that took place in Charleston, Columbia and Atlanta (all which are my homes).

In Columbia, a fight broke out at an undergrad Que party and some hoodlums shot up the place. Not sure on the details but from what I heard it involved the USC football team (which is usually the case when violence erupts at USC) and some local Columbia thugs who don’t have anything better to do but go to a party and start fights. (Source).

Back in Charleston, two killlings took place last week. One over a girl and another over God only knows what. (Source 1, 2).

Meanwhile, in Atlanta a couple of bodies where found in College Park. (Source).

And today’s shooting at Virginia Tech where at least 21 people were killed just put me over the edge. (Source).

My weekend was wild but I’m back to reality. This world is a crazy place.







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