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I can’t remember the last time an album that I was looking forward to coppin’ didn’t leak on the internet a week or two before it officially hit stores. Nowadays there are blogs dedicated to the leaked album phenomenon and album leaks are a key reason album sales are at an all-time low. (Shit, gas prices are high so we as consumers have to cut something down in the budget right? Sorry, artists). That and a lot of albums nowadays fuxing suck.

I remember back in high school when I used to leave school on Tuesday and head straight to Manifest in West Ashley so I could cop the new releases, and be the first one on James Island with them because everyone else was too lazy to drive to Manifest. All my friends knew I’d be the one to bring the albums back so they’d just make copies (but that’s back when people made copies on cassette tapes so it wasn’t like they could swap files with the worldwide web…yep, I’m showing my age). But that drive from James Island to West Ashley listening to a brand new album was the best feeling ever. When you open the plastic from that wrapper and put that new CD in the deck and the album bumps, it’s kinda like opening that Trojan wrapper and getting ready to smash some new…you get the picture.

But my point is, I miss the purity of New Release Tuesday. The fact that I already have Kells album on my computer takes away all the anticipation of waiting. I mean, what good are release dates anymore? Fux it, record labels and artists should just abandon the whole idea of the release date. Just have a leak date. Have a big spectacle on the internet and just leak your albums to the downloading public. Then, I’d have a Leak Date to look forward to, instead of a Release Date.

I’m kinda confused as to how albums get leaked so easily anyways. Remember when Jay-Z stabbed Un over his album leak. Or last year when Lupe started crying when his classic hit the net. But now, artists’ albums hit the net early and no one gives a damn. Shit, The Game was retarded enough to leak his album on purpose and that’s prolly why it didn’t do crazy numbers like he boasted about.

But I guess New Release Tuesday will never be the same. Artists will continue to release albums but internet junkies like myself will continue to already have the album before it drops. It is what it is but yesterday, I miss you.

5 Responses to “Album Leaks Are The New Release Dates”

  1. O.K.


  2. Randy Exclusive

    I’m just missing the way it used to be.

  3. DMS
  4. get fresh

    I feel ya. The excitement factor is lost now. It’s just not the same.

  5. Randy Exclusive

    And it’ll never be the same.

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