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(Editor Notes: My homie Charlamagne Tha God pens the Chin Check column for OZONE and I got him to write a Chin Check especially for South Carolina and the Bike Week issue. Unfortunately, Charlamagne’s Chin Check was cut down due to word length restrictions but I’m posting Charlamagne’s column on The Block in it’s entirety for The Block readers. Charlamagne is one of the few people that reps the Carolinas harder than me and everyone needs to read these words from the Hood General).

Charlamagne Tha God – Ozone Magazine Chin Check (Black Bike Week Edition)

I am possessed. Seriously all my life I have wanted one thing and one thing only. It’s like a desire in me, a passion, something that I want so bad that it’s starting to consume me. It’s taking over my body like the bonding between a human host and an extraterrestrial parasite known as the Venom (you seen Spider Man 3 come on keep up). I mean like seriously I eat, sleep, shit, even when I’m in some pussy all I can think about is South Carolina. That’s right the state where I was born and raised; the state where I morphed into the country acting, weak rapper, chain snacthing, dirty mouth of the dirty south. The state that made me the man I am today. SC is the state that if it could talk it would sound like me, not just me but it would sound like the homie Lil Ru. It would sound like the homie Collard Greens, Mr. Flip, Khaos, Mac A Don, B Wright Entertainment, TD the Don, Pure Werk, or Piazo. Man if the state could talk, you would hear JD Hawg screaming in his Geechie accent, “Boy take that fucking Dixie flag down off the State House boy!” If you read that last line and you heard JD saying that with his Geechie accent then let it be known that I Love You! That means you are from where I’m from. I represent Charleston, Moncks Corner, Columbia, SC and all places in between.

When I say I’m possessed what I’m saying is I can not rest until the mighty state of South Carolina aka South Crack gets exactly where it needs to be. Individual success means nothing to me. I tell people that the spirit of Denmark Vesey is in me but let me explain to you who Denmark Vesey is and then maybe you can understand me better. Denmark Vesey, whose original name was Telemanque, was born in West Africa. As a youth, he was captured, sold as a slave, and brought to America. In 1781 he came to the attention of a slaver, Capt. Vesey, who was “struck with the beauty, alertness, and intelligence” of the boy. Vesey, a resident of Charleston, S.C., (my birthplace) acquired the boy. The captain had “no occasion to repent” his purchase of Denmark, who “proved for 20 years a most faithful slave.” In 1800 Vesey won a $1,500 lottery prize, with which he purchased his freedom and opened a carpentry shop. Soon, this highly skilled artisan became “distinguished for his great strength and activity. He was always looked up to with awe and respect by both black and white Americans. He acquired property and became prosperous. Nevertheless, Vesey was not content with his relatively successful life. He hated slavery and slaveholders. This brilliant man versed himself in all the available antislavery arguments and spoke out against the abuse and exploitation of his own people. Believing in equality for everyone and vowing never to rest until his people were free, he became the political provocateur, agitating and moving his brethren to resist their enslavement.

Now let me break it down in hood terms so you can understand my plight. My checks from the Wendy Williams Experience are pretty good, Vh1 treats me very well, (second season coming in September cock suckers), not to mention Stupid Dope Moves Inc. is popping! We have the livest parties, we have the clothing line, and we are about to get a couple artist signed salute to my South Crack brother Dj Basically what I’m saying is I’m pretty alright. The same way Denmark Vesey won his 1,500 dollars in the lottery and then flipped that into his own carpentry shop, and became relatively successful, I share in the sentiment of not being able to rest because the slaveholders were still holding his people in slavery and the other slaves where not as lucky as him to win the lottery.

That’s how I feel about my people in the state in of SC. I feel like the slaveholders are the program directors and music directors who live here in SC but are not originally from SC that’s why they don’t support SC because they don’t understand SC. Denmark Vesey vowed to never rest until the rest of the slaves where free and I feel the exact same way. Any chance I receive to be in someone’s ear I don’t care if it’s Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles, Block, E Class, whoever, I always let them know the talent my state posseses. I’m asking, begging, everybody with any type of voice in SC please join the revolution. We have to get the Palmetto State where it needs to be. You Djs who would rather jump on the bandwagon of and up and coming artist from another state instead of creating a bandwagon for their own up and coming artist right here in South Crack you dudes are cowards. You’re the descendants of the slave that ratted out Denmark Vesey and caused the revolt not to go down because you foiled his plans by flapping your lips to the slave masters (go to Wikepidia and read the whole story I only have 900 words).

I have to show love to the people in SC who have constantly and consistently tried to break SC artist and who have influenced me to wave my South Crack flag high. D Tech, Prince Ice, B Lord, Dj Ced, Dj D Nyce, Dj G Money, Dj Ice, Dj Cleve, Dj Dirty, these are just a few brothers who I know for a fact show love because they really want to see the state get to where it needs to be. They share the same passion I do! Salute to South Crack’s first lady Venom, Divine Martino, Shrimp and Spence, TR Flow and the Pathfinders, my brother Dj Chuck T! Sean Dolby, Chop Dizel, Dj Jihad and the Street Bangaz, Shekeese the Beast and Non Stop Hip Hop Live, Gemstar The Golden Child, Danny Swain, Troy Gathers and 1670 clothing, Shod B, PD Wheat, Pitch Black Entertainment reppin’ that Moncks Corner! Randy Roper, Dj Shok, Dj Phat Boi, Marley Marl, and Lil Buc. Can’t forget Dayvine, Hue Hef, Donnie Darko, Dj Bless and Never So Deep Records. I don’t want this article to look like the inside of an album cover but I can’t truly express to you how I feel about my state I have been a lot of places and I know the talent that exist here on all levels!

We produced James Brown, Smoking Joe Frazier, even Vanna White’s letter turning ass! Jermaine O’ Neal and Kevin Garnett, they all came from here! I have a number of dreams but seeing my state and the people in it get to where they need to be is the one thing I want to achieve the most. Anybody whose reading this who would like to assist me reach out and touch me, (803) 530-8954 that’s my personal cell number! Help me please because it’s really starting to affect my performance in the bedroom (sorry ladies I got my state on my mind)! Enjoy Bike weekend muthafuckers!!

South Crack’s Prime Minister Charlamagne Tha God……

8 Responses to “Charlamagne Tha God – Bike Week Chin Check”

  1. Babygirl

    I wasn’t aware that he was orginally from Charleston. I thought he was from Columbia… Great article and someone please help him cause I feel sorry for those ladies!!! South Carolina…..

  2. Randy Exclusive

    He got his start on Z93 Jamz, which is Charleston all day.

  3. Babygirl

    Okay maybe I wasn’t in Charleston, then… I’m proud of him.

  4. young hef

    Great insight and great article.

  5. Juanita B.

    Great article and all so very true…We need to look out for ourselves…We got everything we need to make it big we just got to get together and put this movement into action….I applaud you Charlamagne for starting the S.C. revolution…

  6. Randy Exclusive

    The revolution started a long time ago, it’s just now being blogged.

  7. Tim Blackwell

    Charlamagne The God is for real. When he was on Hot 103.9 in Columbia, the man really spit some real game. I always respected what he had to say about our people regardless of what it was. I do agree if he can move on and make moves, the only thing we (rappers, street teams, etc.) must do is to embrace and support one another to help SC reach the pinnacle of what GA, NY, MIAMI and all these other cities have done. Keep your head up Charlamagne!

  8. Randy Exclusive

    People get caught up in Charlamagne’s antics on the air. But the dude is a very intelligent and knowledgeable person.

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