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May 25th, 2007


I’ll prolly have to catch up with ya’ll next week. In the morning me and E will be headed back to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t get it twisted, my trips to Miami aren’t fun and games. Tomorrow night there’s an OZONE party with Lil Boosie at Sobe Live and once again my black azz will be working the door all night long. It’s not that bad because I’ll get free dranks and be wasted by the time Boosie takes the stage, at which time I will be trying to holla at those fine azz Sobe Live waitresses that work the VIP tables because they’re the only chicks that I’ll have access to while I’m stuck at the door.

I’m not sure what else is going on this weekend but I’m sure it will involve me passing out magazines to people that don’t read. From what I’ve heard Miami during Memorial Weekend is dumb stupid but that doesn’t sound good for me because I’m broke and I can barely afford to take a piss in Miami (even bathroom attendants tax down there).

If you’re going to Myrtle Beach, I hope you don’t run into Get Fresh because he’s not a big fan of Black Bike Week. But whether you’re bike riding in Myrtle Beach, crabbing in Charleston, making it rain in Strokers (no Jeezy) or partying on South Beach, be safe this weekend.

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