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I’m finally back from my five day Memorial Day weekend in Miami (and Orlando) and I know the streets net missed me (sorry ya’ll…I’m here now). If you want to know how my weekend went down you can always log on to the Ozone website and catch all the pictures from this weekend here. All I’ll say is Miami is that shit…cot damnit Diddy was there for chrissake.

But everyday away from the net feels like an eternity so I have to catch ya’ll up on the news on the streets net since I’ve been gone (no Kelly Clarkson).

The award for most blog worth news stories since my absence goes to Fiddy Cent. First off the fella appeared on the ugliest Vibe cover ever. Then his album got pushed back to September but none of that shit really matters because Fiddy took his Vitamin water and laughed straight to the bank wit it for a cool $400 million, which makes him the 2nd richest dude in hip-hop behind Jay-Z (damn you Fiddy, damn you).

In Other News

Yeah, a lot of shit went down while I was kicking it in FLA this weekend. But I’m just glad I got outta Miami before Fat Joe and his goons started shooting up the place.

I’ll continue my regular blogging tomorrow. It feels good to be back.

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