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June 29th, 2007


I was bumping “Ice Cream” on youtube all day yesterday and while taking my trip down memory lane, I started to think about the hip-hop albums that made me the hip-hop head I am today. 1991-1996 were the best years in hip-hop in my opinion and here are the albums that captivated my mind, influenced my behavior and corrupted my teenage psyche. Here they are: the R.E. Essentials.

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I’ve been on this Sean Kingston dude for a hot minute and I think the dough boy kid has something new to offer the game. On the low, “Beautiful Girls” is one of my fav joints and I was about to write a post about how this song and Sean Kingston are about to blow the fux up and right on cue the vid drops. For the record, Sean Kingston might be the coolest fat boy since Big Poppa.


I woke up this morning and found the Fabolous “Make Me Better” (Remix) featuring Raekwon, all over the internet. Hearing Raekwon throw darts at the females instantly took me back to ’95 (you know, when rap music was actually good). Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… is one of the best rap albums ever and anyone that knows anything about hip-hop can attest (the rest of you fuxers…choke on a chicken bone).

My favorite song from that classic Raekwon album (and one of my favorite rap songs ever) is “Ice Cream.” “Ice Cream” is a song were Raekwon along with Wu Tang members Ghostface, Cappadonna and one of my all-time favorite MCs, the Method Man, liken dippin’ wet soft serve to the wetness of the opposite sex. You guys should know me. I’m a cake azz nucca and what goes best with cake? That’s right, ICE CREAM!!!

YouTube Preview Image

This song has been embedded in my swag with the ladies since I can remember and it’s prolly part of the reason chicks never know what the fux I’m talking about but find themselves flattered nonetheless. And after seeing this video, I think I want some ice cream (no really). I’ve always had a thing for caramel sundaes and butter pecan and I doubt that will ever change. And with the temperature already hitting 100 degrees in the shade, I think I’ll be hitting up Dairy Queen sometime in the near future. I worked at Dairy Queen back in high school and their blizzards are the shit. If any ladies would like to join me…hit me up. I keep whipped cream and hot chocolate handy.


“Ice cold b*tches meltdown when in the clutch. They want their t****s sucked. Ice cream.”


There are some SC rappers that understand that I’m an influential person in Carolina music and my site is a useful outlet when it comes to getting SC music to the masses (other SC rappers, no not really). Gemstar Da Goldenchild (the same SC rapper that dropped a Gangsta Grillz and the same Carolina MC that I interviewed for fuxs with WritersBlockMedia Dot Net and I fuxs with Gem (no homo).

I love dude’s style because he’s one of the few SC rappers that can really get busy on the mic and spit hot fiyah (no Dylan). Gem hit the mixtape scene harder than any other rapper outta the Carolinas and after teaming out with Mr. Thanksgiving, Gem is about to drop his next mixtape with DJ and Charlamagne Tha God. Checkout a preview of what’s to coming.

Gemstar Da Goldenchild – Everybody’s A Hater [audio:/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/gem-star-everybodys-a-hater.mp3]


June 26th, 2007


So yesterday I had dinner with my homegirl over at Jermaine Durpi’s restaurant, Cafe Dupri. It wasn’t my idea, I could careless about visiting places that are exclusive to Atlanta (which is evident, since I’ve never been to Glady Knights’ Chicken & Waffles or Magic City for that matter). But shawty was in town and she wanted to check it out, which was cool with me since all I did yesterday was listen to T.I.’s bland azz album.

So we checked the place out and I don’t have anything really bad to say about JD’s joint. The food, service and atmosphere were all cool. The menu was pretty diverse with everything from a So So Omelet to Chicken Tilapia. I think my biggest mistake was ordering the Grilled Salmon because it was served with a scoop of rice and a tablespoon of spinach, which left me still hungry and headed to Checkers afterwards (c’mon Jermaine, you know black folk need bigger portions).

Anyways, the place is over in Buckhead (3133 Piedmont, if you’re actually thinking about going). I can’t remember it’s hours but I do remember the place closes mad late, so if you’re a late night party goer like R.E. and need a place other than Waffle House to eat at after the club, Cafe Dupri is an option.

Their myspace page gives a better feel for the spot here. I’ll prolly be back there soon. It’s seems like the perfect spot to feed a chick, get her tipsy, take her back to the crib and put her to bed (and yes, I know I’m so so outta line).


T.I. Vs. T.I.P. is all over the internet day. I’ve been listening to the album all day and it’s pretty much the worst T.I. album ever. I didn’t write a review because I save my reviewing for the pages of Ozone but Bol breaks down T.I. Vs. T.I.P. track for track, and even though he’s the most critical blogger in the game, he’s pretty much on point with this review.

Byron Crawford – T.I. Vs. T.I.P. Album Review

My man Sohh Gyant has been taking a lot of heat for posting the album leak on It’s obvious that Tip is a fuxing loose cannon but the last thing him or Grand Hustle should be worried about is a lank on a blog. T.I. or T.I.P. or someone needs to explain why this album is hot garb.


So, the Atlanta Greek Picnic went down Saturday and I must admit, the pickanic wasn’t bad. Ok, so the Freaknic comparison may be a little stretch . People weren’t getting naked or dancing on top of cars all over streets in the ATL, and no titties popped out during the pickanic (at least, not in public). But in terms of drawing Black Greeks from all across the country to a central location in Atlanta (I guess Morris Brown is still good for something), the Greek Picnic made it do what it do.

Yeah, it was hotter than a summer day in an Arizona desert but a little sweat and a slight tan isn’t a bad consolation to mingle with some of the finest sorority women in the country. I attended the pickanic last year and this year had way more people, which means that next year will prolly double up.

Greeks pretty much invaded Atlanta this weekend. Compound was nothing but an all-Greek party on Friday night. And Saturday night, the underground was looking like a step show. And me and the bruhs were wildin’ out like Pac Man Jones in the strip club (damn, I love being a Nupe).


This weekend was all about Greek Unity. The Divine 9 (wait a minute, I don’t remember seeing any Iotas but then again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Iota) proved that Black people can gather in large numbers without fighting, acting foolish or being ignorant in any manner (unlike T.I. or Tip). I think that calls for a golf clap. This Greek Picnic could have easily turned into an all-out brawl if one frat exchanged words with another (which would have prolly been a Que fighting with an Alpha over some girl, while that same girl was over hollering at a Kappa), but Black Greeks exhibited a level of maturity and sophistication that shows you can take nuccas somewhere.

Update: (I couldn’t find any iCandy besides pics from some chicks on Facebook, but I’m not gonna take their pics and post them on The Block, so peeps will just have to check out these Greek party-walks).

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
June 23rd, 2007


Charlamagne’s B-Day party isn’t the only party I’m missing this weekend. My editor-in-chief, Julia Beverly, will be celebrating her born day tonight at Sobe Live in Miami. I’m partying like a rockstar in Atlanta this weekend with all these freakin’ greeks, so I’m not bummed about not making it to Miami this time (that and like Larry David, I don’t like singing happy birthday).

Anyways, anyone in Miami should go party with my homegirl. Any greeks in the A, meet me at the pickanic. Anyone in South Cack, just find something to do that doesn’t get you killed.







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