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I was kinda slow to get down with the whole text messaging thing. At first I couldn’t grasp the concept, so I used to get mad when people would text me and I’d call them back like, “what the fux do you want?” That was back when I didn’t have texting on my phone and the shit was something like 10 cent a text or something that just made my phone bill higher for no damn reason.

Since then I’ve grown to be a texter myself. I have unlimited texting on my phone and sometimes the shit is a life saving. It’s a good tool while in the club, since it’s impossible to hear from inside clubs because the music is loud…now, you can text whoever’s calling you like, “Im n da club. Holla at u lata.”

It’s particular useful when trying to maintain multiple relationships with various women because if you don’t feel like talking or you simply don’t have the time to call all of them, you can send them all the same text message, something like “Thinking of U” or some bullshit like that. Chicks think ridiculous things like that are cute and they won’t harass you about not calling if you text them (not that I do that, I’m just saying).

There’s a new song slow burning in Atlanta about text messages. All it really takes to make a hit is take a topic that people can relate to and sing about it like myspace or tattoos. It’s that simple.

Anyways, I kinda like the song because people text me all the time and I can relate. I don’t know anything about this group (I couldn’t even find their myspace page, how wack is that) but no one really cares who sings a song anymore, it’s not like they’re gonna buy your shit.

Mazaratti – Textin Me




Starting tonight, Atlanta hip-hop radio station Hot 107.9 will be airing DJ Dram(a) and the Aphilliates Gangsta Grillz radio 5 days a week (Mon.-Thurs. at 10 pm and Sat. at 8 pm). If you’re someone like me that listens to the radio, this is a big fuxing deal. Gangsta Grillz radio is hot shit because Dram(a) and them always have some new and exclusive music to play and the PD over at 107.9 pretty much let them play whatever the hell they wanna play, which usually makes for good radio.

I’m a music editor, which means, it’s my job to listen to the radio and see what new songs are poppin’ and Gangsta Grillz radio is better than most rappers’ albums. I can’t lie, this radio show is one of the reasons I moved to Atlanta (ok, not really) because we haven’t had good radio shows like that in South Cack since Charlamagne left for the Wendy Williams Experience. My boys were in town a few weeks back and they were in awe because they’d never heard shit like it (oh and the Aphilliates’ drops are killer too).

I haven’t heard anything about Dram’s mixtape case and he’s since gone back to dropping mixtapes, so I guess he had that whole R. Kelly thing mastered and maybe Mike Vick should consultant this dudes on how not to end up in jail.

I’m not sure if I’ll be tuning in tonight but hell, it doesn’t matter because it’ll be on Mon-Thurs then Sat. and I don’t have to wait a whole week until it comes back on anymore.



King Magazine (my favorite booty mag I might add) is having a couple parties in the Carolinas this weekend. The first party is tonight hosted by Charlamagne Tha God and Shay “Buckeye” Johnson from Flavor of Love, with DJ Chuck T on the 1′s and 2′s. It goes down tonight in Charlotte at Club Crush. And King Magazine is having a model search tonight, so all you myspace models out there, match your panties with your bras and get your shit together.

Charlamagne brought King Magazine Editor-In-Chief Jermaine Hall to Columbia a few months back, where he discovered Columbia native Sharina “Big Baby” Hudson, who’s the “Backshot” pick in this month’s issue of King (I had problems scanning her backshot, so just take my word for it now and I’ll put her backshot pic up later). So it’s safe to say if you wanna get into King Magazine, tonight and Saturday night is your chance.

Saturday’s party is at Stilletos in Columbia and it pretty much features the same people except Chuck T won’t be DJing, DJ Frosty will. Big Moe keeps pushing this party as a celebration for former South Carolina Gamecock basketball standout Brandon Wallace. Dude got picked up by the Boston Celtics…hopefully, he doesn’t get cut by the time the party goes down Saturday because that wouldn’t be a good look. Anyways, these parties should be official and it ain’t like you all have shit better to do in the Carolinas this weekend, so be there.


Somewhat Related Bonus Video: Deelishis – Rumpshaker (Video). No comment.


Please take caution when sending songs to my inbox because wack shit will be put on blast. Today’s victim is Lydell Lucky outta Dallas, TX. This dude had the audacity to email this song to me with the email titled “Next To Blow!!!!!!”

Well bruh, you wanted exposure right?

Lydell Lucky – I See Dat


July 24th, 2007


“I’m a young funky wild boy and I’m a sexy young muthafucker.”

As much as I love UGK, after hearing Pimp C’s interview with Ozone, I’m not sure if the fella has it all. Seriously, Pimp did an interview with Julia for the August issue of Ozone and this interview alone is worth checking the issue. He went on a 40-minute tirade and the shit ended up being the best interview ever! You really won’t understand until you read it (or even better, hear it) but I’m gonna pull some quotes so you all can get a feel for what the fux I’m talking about.

Pimp C on Lil Troy: “He’s a fucking bitch, and I said it. I’ve been knowing he’s a bitch, but I ain’t gotta talk about no nigga when everybody knows you’re a bitch and you’re hiding.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Damn, Pimp C sounds upset about something.”

Pimp C on Mike Jones and Lil Flip’s jewelry: “Them big ol’ plates they be wearing that look like dinner plates? Them diamonds are monkey. You need to take that monkey shit back cause you embarrassing us.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “WOW…Pimp C is outta control.”

Pimp C on Russell Simmons: “I just made peace with the lil nigga Short Dawg cause on the cool, it really wasn’t his fault. It was ol’ dick-in-the-booty-Russell Simmons fault for not taking the message back to him and telling him to change his name. Yeah, I said ‘dick-in-the-booty.’ I know what I’m talking about. Bitch, I’ll air you out too.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Did he just call Russell Simmons a ‘dick-in-the-booty’ azz nucca? (LOL)!!!

Pimp C on Mr. 175: “Muthafuckers talking about they’ve got kilos for $17,500. Bitch, ain’t no kilos for $17,500 up there, and you know what I’m talking about. Come to Houston and get the work and pop it cause we’re right there by San Antonio and we’re going down there and gettin’ the work. And guess what, man. All y’all niggas talking about selling dope? If y’all niggas was some d-boys, guess what, man? I don’t believe you niggas no more cause I’m seeing you niggas in button up shirts getting cute and pretty trying to look sexy. Nigga, fuck you. Nigga, and I ain’t gotta say your name. Play with me and I’ll expose the niggas that was wearing backpacks with their pant leg rolled up back then in Atlanta when me and Big Meech used to be off in the club kickin’ it buying each other champagne.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Isn’t Jeezy Mr.175? Oooooooooookay.”

Pimp C on fashion: “Young ass niggas that used to be wearing gangsta clothes wearing v-neck sweaters and Argyle socks looking like Pharrell. Are you niggas metrosexual or homosexual or what? You’ve got plenty of pictures of these niggas dressing funny. Nigga, you ain’t Fonsworth Bentley, bitch! You ain’t Pharrell, nigga!”
R.E.’s Reaction: (LMAO).

Pimp C on being pretty: “Get your finger out your ass and get off that old-pussy-ass sexy ass shit. All these niggas think they’re sexy. Man, keep your damn shirt on. You ain’t 50 Cent nigga. And for the record, most of you niggas are ugly and if I take the makeup off your bitch, my skin is prettier than all your hoes’ skin. My skin is pretty. My toes are pretty. I’m a young funky wild boy and I’m a sexy young muthafucker.”
R.E.’s Reaction: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Pimp C on Ne-Yo: “I ain’t out here dressing up trying to be sexy licking my lips like old gay ass Ne-Yo. Licking lips and shit, nigga. Pussy dick in the booty ass nigga wearing all that gotdamn lip gloss at their video shoots and letting niggas put makeup on their face. Yeah, I said Ne-Yo, you heard what the fuck I said. Niggas putting all that lip gloss on they fuckin’ lips looking like they’ve just been eating a pork chop sandwich with no hands.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Yo, this nucca is buggin’…(lmao).”

Pimp C on Atlanta: “Atlanta is not the South. Atlanta is not the South, gotdamn it, when you go to Atlanta what does your clock say? When you get off the plane from Los Angeles or Texas, what time do it be over there? Atlanta is East Coast time. You niggas ain’t in the South.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Is this nucca serious?”

Update: Pimp C’s follow up interview with the Durrty Boyz on Hot 107.9 here.


(Editor Note: This post is of relevance to South Carolina music only. All my readers without SC ties may want to sit this one out).

The reason I am where I am in my career is because the tastemakers like the Bad Girl Venom, DJ and Charlamagne Tha God in Columbia, SC embraced me. I love my Carolinas peeps and with that said, I’d like to announce that radio DJ, and on-air personality the Bad Girl Venom are making the switch from Columbia radio station Hot 103.9 to Hot’s rival station 100.1 The Beat. Not that Hot 103.9 really cares. Outside of Charlamagne, Venom has been the best radio personality in Columbia for the last 6 years and Hot has basically held her back by just using her for weekend duty and fill-ins during the week.

DJ has been the #1 DJ in the city for as long as I can remember but the idea of allowing Frosty to run with his own show never crossed the program director’s mind at Hot.

With Frosty and Venom headed to the Beat, the radio power in the Met may be shifting. When it comes to Columbia streets, Frosty and Venom are two of the most influential figures in radio. And the Beat has absolutely no presence outside of their airwaves because they do voice tracks. That means all their on-air personalities aren’t in Columbia, they just prerecord their shows from wherever the hell they’re at and the Beat plays it.

Anyways, I spoke with Venom and Frosty over the weekend and here’s what the two of them had to say about their switch:

Venom: “I’m doing middays and Frosty’s going from being a DJ to being a full-time jock. I tip my hat to my past coworkers but we’re coming to win. Basically, the Beat has been in a winning position for the past 6, 7 months anyway and they’ve been beating Hot with voice tracks.

“Where Hot’s been beating the Beat at is in the streets. So [the Beat] decided to get the two most recognizable faces out the streets, which is me and DJ Frosty and bring us over there. So when they get the streets, it’s a complete massacre. 6 years I’ve been slept-on. I can show you better than I can tell you, just good luck to ya’ll.”

DJ Frosty: “[Hot 103.9] had me locked in a closet over there doing fucking Monday nights just for mixshows. Now, I’ll be in a full-time time slot. The shit that’s about to happen, South Carolina has never seen before.

“I’m not like H. Dub, I’m not like Ant Mack, I’m a fucking DJ. I’m not in here to be a real personality type, I’m in it for the music. It’s gon’ be different from now on. I don’t think South Carolina’s gon’ be the same after this shit. This is a transition period.”

To clarify, the difference with 100.1 the Beat is they’re willing to give Frosty the freedom to play music by local Carolina artists, which gives Frosty the power to break new and local artists like Mac-A-Don, Collardgreen, Lil Ru, Gemstar Da Goldenchild, Piazo and Hue Hef, where as Hot doesn’t give a fuck about that kinda stuff.

I’ve been in Atlanta for about 6 months now and after dark, all they play here is Atlanta music and DJs like Drama, Greg Street, Infamous, Montey, have the green light to play hometown music, which is part of the reason so many artists blow up in the A. Hopefully, Frosty will be able to do the same thing for SC.

Personally, Charlamagne The God’s Concrete Jungle with Venom as the co-host and Frosty as the DJ was the best radio show I’ve ever heard. The show birthed classic material like the Buffie the Booty interview and the “T-Pain Can’t Sing” impromptu. Unless I know Venom’s on the air or Frosty’s mixshow is on, I haven’t listened to much radio in Columbia since Hot pretty much shit on Charlamagne, only to watch him throw up his middle fingers and ride off with Wendy Williams (shit, the new guy Hot hired to replace Charlamagne is like listening to crickets at night).

Once again, congratulations to Venom and Frosty. I know you’ll both do your thing over at the Beat. Whenever I come back to the Met, I’ll be sure to turn the dial to 100.1.

(Hot 103.9 could not be reached for com…nah, I’m lying. I didn’t try to contact Hot. Yo, the last time I tried to holla at their PD about a story, that fucka never called me back so kick rocks. Shout out to my peeps over at Hot that I do still ride with. Shekeese the Beast, Lucky Leon, Phat Boi, Cristal Bubblin and Neek…a lot of people don’t fuck with you but you didn’t do me dirty so I’ll still shout you out. But real talk Neek, Venom is about to kill you during the midday).

YouTube Preview Image

You gotta admit, for an independent artist from South Kack, the boy makes it do what it do.

YouTube Preview Image

I haven’t had time to post shit all day. I’ve been writing for the past 12 hours trying to finish up another issue and I only took a break to check out Playaz Circle’s “Duffle Bag Boy” video shoot and throw down some Chick-fil-a.

It’s getting late and I’m really tired right now so this is what we bloggers call a lazy post. Take a youtube video and post it. Well, I do that shit all the time so it’s pretty safe to say that when it comes to blogging I’m kinda lazy but you guys still keep coming back regardless and I love ya’ll for that (no Weezy F. shirt off shit).







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