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July 24th, 2007


“I’m a young funky wild boy and I’m a sexy young muthafucker.”

As much as I love UGK, after hearing Pimp C’s interview with Ozone, I’m not sure if the fella has it all. Seriously, Pimp did an interview with Julia for the August issue of Ozone and this interview alone is worth checking the issue. He went on a 40-minute tirade and the shit ended up being the best interview ever! You really won’t understand until you read it (or even better, hear it) but I’m gonna pull some quotes so you all can get a feel for what the fux I’m talking about.

Pimp C on Lil Troy: “He’s a fucking bitch, and I said it. I’ve been knowing he’s a bitch, but I ain’t gotta talk about no nigga when everybody knows you’re a bitch and you’re hiding.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Damn, Pimp C sounds upset about something.”

Pimp C on Mike Jones and Lil Flip’s jewelry: “Them big ol’ plates they be wearing that look like dinner plates? Them diamonds are monkey. You need to take that monkey shit back cause you embarrassing us.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “WOW…Pimp C is outta control.”

Pimp C on Russell Simmons: “I just made peace with the lil nigga Short Dawg cause on the cool, it really wasn’t his fault. It was ol’ dick-in-the-booty-Russell Simmons fault for not taking the message back to him and telling him to change his name. Yeah, I said ‘dick-in-the-booty.’ I know what I’m talking about. Bitch, I’ll air you out too.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Did he just call Russell Simmons a ‘dick-in-the-booty’ azz nucca? (LOL)!!!

Pimp C on Mr. 175: “Muthafuckers talking about they’ve got kilos for $17,500. Bitch, ain’t no kilos for $17,500 up there, and you know what I’m talking about. Come to Houston and get the work and pop it cause we’re right there by San Antonio and we’re going down there and gettin’ the work. And guess what, man. All y’all niggas talking about selling dope? If y’all niggas was some d-boys, guess what, man? I don’t believe you niggas no more cause I’m seeing you niggas in button up shirts getting cute and pretty trying to look sexy. Nigga, fuck you. Nigga, and I ain’t gotta say your name. Play with me and I’ll expose the niggas that was wearing backpacks with their pant leg rolled up back then in Atlanta when me and Big Meech used to be off in the club kickin’ it buying each other champagne.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Isn’t Jeezy Mr.175? Oooooooooookay.”

Pimp C on fashion: “Young ass niggas that used to be wearing gangsta clothes wearing v-neck sweaters and Argyle socks looking like Pharrell. Are you niggas metrosexual or homosexual or what? You’ve got plenty of pictures of these niggas dressing funny. Nigga, you ain’t Fonsworth Bentley, bitch! You ain’t Pharrell, nigga!”
R.E.’s Reaction: (LMAO).

Pimp C on being pretty: “Get your finger out your ass and get off that old-pussy-ass sexy ass shit. All these niggas think they’re sexy. Man, keep your damn shirt on. You ain’t 50 Cent nigga. And for the record, most of you niggas are ugly and if I take the makeup off your bitch, my skin is prettier than all your hoes’ skin. My skin is pretty. My toes are pretty. I’m a young funky wild boy and I’m a sexy young muthafucker.”
R.E.’s Reaction: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Pimp C on Ne-Yo: “I ain’t out here dressing up trying to be sexy licking my lips like old gay ass Ne-Yo. Licking lips and shit, nigga. Pussy dick in the booty ass nigga wearing all that gotdamn lip gloss at their video shoots and letting niggas put makeup on their face. Yeah, I said Ne-Yo, you heard what the fuck I said. Niggas putting all that lip gloss on they fuckin’ lips looking like they’ve just been eating a pork chop sandwich with no hands.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Yo, this nucca is buggin’…(lmao).”

Pimp C on Atlanta: “Atlanta is not the South. Atlanta is not the South, gotdamn it, when you go to Atlanta what does your clock say? When you get off the plane from Los Angeles or Texas, what time do it be over there? Atlanta is East Coast time. You niggas ain’t in the South.”
R.E.’s Reaction: “Is this nucca serious?”

Update: Pimp C’s follow up interview with the Durrty Boyz on Hot 107.9 here.

46 Responses to “The Chronicles of Pimp C”

  1. Babygirl


  2. Janice

    Lord have mercy…..(smh) LMAO!!!

  3. younGBurna

    lmao…dude pimp c is fuckin crazy lol….dick in the booty ass niggaz lmao

  4. TopShelf77

    Pimp C must’ve popped a couple before this interview. I think he is caught in a time warp, he still thinks its the time period that right before he went to jail. Still calling him self ‘Young Pimp C’…Like he is still young..

  5. Darius Sinclair™

    See, I been said something was wrong with Pimp… Hasn’t been the same since he saw the pen.

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  7. Writers Block Capo

    LMAO, LMAO…. Pimp is speaking somewhat of the truth, and being comical while doing it

  8. 1980

    Somebody give this man a reality show ASAP!!

  9. Joe Grind

    That was some funny ass shit!! “…Pussy dick in the booty ass nigga wearing all that gotdamn lip gloss at their video shoots and letting niggas put makeup on their face…” LOLOLOL

  10. HurriKane

    I didn’t realize that Texas was running on South Coast time…but ay who made that wit Fabo “She got that good”? That shit go hard…

  11. Troy Gathers

    If ATL isn’t the south, then South Carolina and North Carolina isn’t the south either… How about FLA. Our Time is East Coast time and what! But isn’t Texas the South West? How about the Dirty South: Georgia, SC, NC, FLA?! Pimp C wants attention! But I’ll tell you now he may be barking up the wrong tree, because his ghetto pass can be revoked! Turn UGK U Gone Krazy!

  12. Gift

    Pimp get at them frontin ass rappers!

  13. young hef

    Pimp C is out of control! lol! Mr. 175, you niggas know the name. Lol. He was probably geeked up or something when they interviewed him.

  14. iLL WiLL

    Dude is way outta control. too much funny stuff to quote. i gotta read and hear this

  15. Biggs

    You should check out and search Pimp C. He has an interview on there worst than this. He does this all the time, u must not be listening to him.

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  17. Writers Block Capo

    Damn R.E., this interview is on everybody and they mamma’s blog!

  18. joo$e

    did anybody catch that 50 cent comment? it would have been have been cool if he inserted a “no homo” somewhere in there lol i think pimp c is suffering from alzheimers…..

  19. hue man

    Dummies Atlanta is really not the south.Just like South Dokata isnt the south.The true south is Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi,Alabama the Gulf Coast only homies.

  20. hue man

    Dummies Atlanta is really not the south.Just like South Dakota isnt the south(get it).The true south is Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi,Alabama the Gulf Coast only homies.

  21. nunya bizness

    Right, the south is were all the ugly, dumb rap music comes from. Wouldn’t want to put ATL in that sh!t.

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  25. Big Homie

    LMAO at the comment he made on Ne-Yo

  26. Jay-Four-Pimp

    Pimp C’s on the mark. If you’re too slow to keep up with a pimp, know what you are – a ho, bitch!


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  28. CMurray

    Pimp C for President…LOL….if the government said what they felt like ole’ crazy azz Pimp C…maybe the country wouldn’t be so f’d up…at least I would know what was up.

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  31. Nae

    Lmao pimp c a fool. I been sayin neyo was a fagget tryna look pretty an shit… I’m a chick and I don’t like lip gloss wearin ass niggas

    Lickin his ole dick suckin ass lips.
    Jeezy look like hiz booty stank , ole funny lookin ass nigga

    And I heard dudes mess wit asian chicks cuz their pus remind them of booty hole so maybe thas why russel simmons fagget ass hat kimora LOLOLOL

  32. O.K.

    They shoulda kept his dumb ass locked up!

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  34. Chase

    Pimp C was on point with everything except the Atl anit the south shit??? If dude gets his own show I know I’m dam sure going to be watching it!

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  36. bhaynes

    While all ya’ll hatin on the pimp, ya need to open ya ears and listen to what he sayin. He speakin real shit, somethin fake muthafuckers dont comprehend with. (Texas Bitch).

  37. Randy Exclusive

    *R.E. hands bhayness a late pass.*

  38. Black Mill

    Pimp C.

    The Truth Be Told

    Pulled A Bernie Mac.

    He Said

    What YOU Other Motherfuckers
    ARE Scared To Say.

    The Truth.

    The Homo
    The False

    The Honest.

    And Its All Real

  39. Randy Exclusive

    *R.E. hands Black Mill a late pass*

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  41. Harry

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  42. Shawn C

    Pimp C speaks nuthin but the truth, these boys had enough dope money back in like 93 to push albums out, thats why they the UNDERGROUND KINGZ get it right u false claimin diarahea of the mouth lactose intolerant ph balanced wont throw a punch in a royal rumble ass nigazzzz, this comin for P’Cola Florida, Keep it Trill

  43. Merle Pursifull

    Thank you for you post, i bookmark your site. I never comment on those blogs, even when the content is great

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  44. kelon

    i agree. We dont need Atlanta repin for the south when every 2 out of 4 people in Atlanta is gay……thats not how we rock… a girl a i think that gay shit it too much what the fuck is really going on??? C….thank you……i adore you for speakin your mind….bad ass….

  45. james


  46. james


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