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The Ozone Awards will air on MTV Jams in approximately an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I won’t be watching tonight because I don’t have MTV fuxing Jams, nor does anyone that I know for that matter. Well, I take that back. I do know one chick that said I could come over to her crib and watch it but when I talked to her yesterday the damn girl told me she was sick, which probably means she didn’t want my fuxing azz coming over to her crib to watch the awards in the first place. Matter of fact, I should call her right now, and if she’s halfway alive, I’ll head over to her spot, bring her some soup or something, pretend that I really came over there to see how she is, but you know, now that I’m here I might as well watch the awards show.

The awards show does air all weekend on Jams, so I could wait until she feels better but I’m a heartless bastard that wants his cake everyday (word to Flo Rida), so I’d rather watch it tonight. It’s not like I didn’t see it live, but you know once MTV producers get to cutting and chopping, they’re gonna have the Ozone Awards looking like the VMAs. Anyways, I’ll figure this shit out.

And shouts out to Miss Info, who peeped my R.E. Hands Out His Own Awards drop over at and linked it too her site about two weeks ago (I’m just now seeing it like 10 minutes ago but I see you Miss Info).

August 31st, 2007


Shouts out to my homie Sam King. My dude’s birthday is today and the best part about having my own website is I can shout out whoever I want, when I want and everyone else can kick rocks about what I post.

Anyways, I’m proud of my young gunner. I’ve watched the dude start from making beats in his room to making beats for local raps to dropping mixtapes with national artists. King is someone to watch on the mixtape scene and you’re hearing that from his Big Brother and Co-D in the music industry shit.


King was supposed to have a Back to School College Jam go down today in the Metro (Columbia, SC for those not in the know) but the SC powers that be shut it down, so Sam King will be celebrating his b-day tonight at Club Levels in the Met.

Once again, Happy Birthday to my young homie.

And be on the lookout for these forthcoming Sam King mixtapes:

Sam King & J-Kwon: The Comeback Kid


Sam King Entertainment & WritersBlockMedia Dot Net Present: Respect and Honor


“B!tch, I be hustlin’!” Sam King


The fact that I’m listening to Kanye’s Graduation on my laptop right now is just one of the reasons Curtis stays winning.

Other Side of the Block: Curtis Stays Winning

August 30th, 2007


So last night was my first visit to an ATL strip club. Yeah, I know I’ve been in the A for about 7 months now but I really didn’t see what the big fuss about strip clubs in Atlanta was about until last night. You gotta understand, I’m from South Carolina, so the strippers in SC are pretty much busted and I refused to tip those hoes promiscuous girls anything more than quarters.

But last night’s visit to Onyx Gentleman’s Club was prolly the greatest strip club experience of my life. No, I didn’t score with none of those chicks, nor did I even tip them but the amount of iCandy walking around the club could have driven a sane man crazy. I swear there had to be at least 75 strippers in the building and I only spotted 2 that had no business taking off their clothes (that’s a 97% quality stripper ratio if you’re scoring at home), which compared to where I’m from is unheard of.

Granted, last night was supposed to feature Curtis “Interscope” Jackson (but I don’t think he ever came), so the number of fine strippers in the building on a random Wednesday night was prolly skewed, but still, I wasn’t complaining. I saw this one stripper climb the pole and do some shit on the ceiling that I didn’t think was humanly possible.

The fact that I’m broke as shit did play into the factor of me not tipping. By the time of tipped the chick at the door and purchased the two drink minimum, my pockets were on “E,” so I sat my azz in the broke nucca section. Actually, I don’t think a lot of nuccas were tipping. It’s kinda embarrassing to stand next to Polow Da Don with $20 in ones, when that nucca has 5 stacks in his hands ($5000 for you slow nuccas)…um, yeah, I’m just gonna tuck mine in (word to Red).

Anyways, after last night I think I’m ready to get my strip club game up. Magic City on Mondays, Strokers on Wednesday, Pin Ups on…damn, I’m not sure what night nuccas go to Pin Ups but I’ll find out.

T-Pain was right, these strippers make a nucca wanna fall in love round here. Cot damn!

I wanna stick it, wanna kiss it, if I could I’d put my whole damn head in it, cause I’m n luv wit a stripper” R. Kelly

YouTube Preview Image

The more I hear about the Jena 6 story, the more I get pissed off. Free the Jena 6. (Video spotted via HHNLiveEIC)

(Petition here).

“One ass whipping and they still won…Look around you, man. They own this shit! They own this couch you sitting on, them shoes you got on your feet, this building, this school, this country, you!!! We’re behind enemy lines, dawg. One beat down will never compare to 439 years of captivity. NEVER! You don’t know shit…freshman.” Fudge (played by Ice Cube) Higher Learning


(Editor Notes: The results are in and the finalists for the 2007 Black Weblog Awards have been announced. The finalists can be viewed here. Unfortunately, WritersBlockMedia Dot Net was not nominated for any awards. Upon hearing the news that his blog was not recognized as one of the best black blogs on the internet, Randy Exclusive spazzed out a la Kanye West at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards).

R.E. says:

“Hell naw! It’s all good, we gotta share the wealth but oh, fux this! Nucca, nucca, this blog cost a thousand dollars, fam. I blogged about Halle Berry and I was blogging on trips to Miami and shit! If I don’t win, the Black Weblog Awards loses credibility. I appreciate it though. It’s nothing against Real Talk NY, The Insanity Report or, I don’t read their blogs but hell naw! WritersBlockMedia Dot Net is the real Blog to Watch.”

R.E. would later continue his rant at a post blog press conference with these comments:

“I don’t read Real Talk NY, it could be quite good, but no way better than WritersBlockMedia Dot Net. That is complete bullshit. I paid a thousand. Obvisously it’s not all about the money, but the response I get from the net transcended everything, it really made great blogging. It took my web designer a month to build. I stood on a mountain with my laptop and blogged. I broke that Pimp C story. I did it to be king of all blogs and I wanted to walk home with that award. It was probably some hating on the South bullshit. Please, press people, print ‘R.E. says fux that!’”

(R.E. has vowed to continue serving the web with that cook crack on the net and the people have spoken, they said WritersBlockMedia Dot Net is still the people’s champ).

*R.E.’s rant contains samples from Kanye West’s antics during the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards.* (View Here).


That Miss Teen South Carolina chick has my SC kinfolk looking like country bumpkins but luckily there is some good SC news to pass along. Word on the streets net is Ridgeway, SC native and Columbia, SC representer Lil Ru (and the same rapper that took home that Patiently Waiting Carolinas Ozone Award) has inked a deal with Capitol Records and the label is gearing up to push his single, “Don’t I Look Good.”

Congratulations to the homie (and shouts out to Collardgreen and Headhunter Records too). Personally, I’m not gonna get my hopes up. South Carolina has been waiting to get on for years and we continually get shitted on. The last time Lil Ru was signed to a major label he got fuxed when EleKtra merged with Warner Bros. or Atlantic or whoever, so I’m not getting gassed up until an album drops.

And you all remember probably forgot about those other dudes from South Carolina, that came outta nowhere, dropped a video on BET and then disappeared (yeah, I thought so).

But I guess things are starting to look up in South Crack. Another rapper outta South Carolina (I think his name is Sauce or something kinda random) is signed to Koch Records, which is kinda like being signed to a major nowadays, so that’s another plus. And I can’t forget about my peeps Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Frosty’s forthcoming compilation, Welcome To South Carolina.

But back to Lil Ru. “Don’t I Look Good” is a banger and you’ll have to check Charlamagne’s myspace page here to see how’s it’s about to go down because I can’t explain it. All I know is, from the looks of things, SC…we’re finally on deck, b!tches.

Lil Ru – “Don’t I Look Good”


YouTube Preview Image

I told ya’ll kids in South Carolina are dummies a few months back but you all thought I was just making jokes. Seriously, the educational system in South Cack needs some help. WTF is this heffa talking about?







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