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Def Jux is still bullshittin’ on Danny!’s project, so he’s going back to basics and putting out his next album And I Love Her, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and film on the indie tip. His album covers are always hot but this Beatles throwback is super official. This album just jumped up on my Most Anticipated of 2007 list but that’s just because I love my fuxing state like that. Hopefully Danny! will leak a joint to the internet soon, although according to his myspace blog, he’s still in the kitchen cooking. I’ll keep you all posted and quit talking that retire BS, D. Swain. I don’t wanna hear that shit.

4 Responses to “Danny! – “And I Love Her” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Album Cover)”

  1. young hef

    yes sir! Hip-hop needs D. Swain!

  2. Randy Exclusive


  3. Danny!

    Yessir. The big homie R.E. continues to hold the kid down, thanks Nupe.

    Man, I was in the ATL area this past weekend for that Atlantis Music Conference sh*t and couldn’t even hit you up ’cause your number is on a post-it note in my office and not saved to my cell. Damn!

  4. Randy Exclusive

    Damn, bruh. I was right here too. Get it together, Swain. And hit me up when you come back thru.

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