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September 20th, 2007


As promised. Big Brother’s new single from American Gangster.

Jay-Z – Blue Magic (No drops courtesy of Rizoh)

Shouts out to eskay and King Alister

8 Responses to “Jay-Z – Blue Magic”

  1. Maurice Garland

    {yawns} sounds boring.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    By no means is it a hit. But I like it just cause he attempted to bring back an old school sound.

  3. gemstardagoldenchild

    Man I haven’t heard this song yet…..but I use 2 ghostwrite for Jigga… so this prolly some stuff I gave em back in the day..just ask Hov he’ll tell u …

  4. Randy Exclusive

    LOL…you stupid Gem.

  5. KoverGirl

    I’m feeling this l.b. (by the way this is hef under your sis’s profile). It seems like he might be on the way back from wack records after all.

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, it kinda had to grow on me but I like it flow wise. Track and production wise, not so much.

  7. cthagod

    Jay Z can’t stand to see his artist shine. Only reason he’s coming back out cause everybody’s talking about Kanye…soon as Kanye’s numbers come out he drops a single? Why not let your artist live for the rest of the year? He’s about to realize this is a young man’s game especially when Wayne drops in December. When Hov drops on Nov. 6th the general public who buys records ages 13-22 is not even going to care…..

  8. Randy Exclusive

    I don’t know homie. Jigga could have genuinely been inspired by American Gangster and felt that now was as good a time as any to redeem himself for that last album. Also, by dropping after Kanye, and followed by Freeway and Beans, this could be an attempt to bring Roc-A-fella back strong. And you can say that 13-22 won’t care but Jay is one of the few rap artists that ages 23-35 will purchase an album for. Don’t forget Kingdom Come did numbers, regardless how lukewarm the album was.

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