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September 20th, 2007


Myself and other bloggers have been kicking up dust about Jena 6 for awhile now but today is the sentencing for Michael Bell, the first to be tried in this Jena 6 bullshit, and thousands of people have made the trip to Jean, Louisiana today in support. (Source).

Me and my homie were trying to plan the trip to Jena but we waited last minute to really plan things out. But when we mapquested the directions and found out Jena was about 9 hours from Atlanta, we pretty much fell back on making the drive last night. Still, I’m rocking my black tee in support of the cause and I hope you’re rocking black today too.


We’ll see how the sentencing plays out today but Kanye was right.

8 Responses to “Yup In My Black Tee”

  1. Maurice Garland

    Bell’s sentencing got overturned a couple weeks ago…but they still got him in the jail, similar to how they’re doing Genarlow Wilson. Judge is saying that they ain’t letting Bell go yet because he has priors. Today’s rally is kinda being done on the strength. I think the judge overturned the sentencing when he did to thwart people from coming down there today…doesn’t look like it worked.

  2. Randy Exclusive

    You know we black folk don’t read, Maurice. They should have put that memo in a song, then we would have known.

  3. Babygirl

    I have on my black today and am telling everyone that asks why!!! There’s only two of us in my office and we both are in black so everyone’s asking… lol

  4. Randy Exclusive

    The 3 people in my office all have on black right now. I don’t have to explain shit. We’re watching the rallies on CNN.

  5. young hef

    I got on my black today…nuff said.

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Man, I shoulda went down there.

  7. ADOTB

    i wish i coulda went down there myself…i had my black vest and had to slap my white coworker yesterday for saying “just b/c the BOY HANGED NOOSES DOES NOT MEAN HE RACIST *pause* SLAP…now i’m on probation and this BOY gets the day off…i caught some of the rally after work but i dont think the rallies will work b/c the charges are still pending…I DIDNT HEAR ANYBODY SPEAK ON THE WHITE BOYS PULLING A SHOTGUN ON ON THE THE JENA 6 AND TOOK THE GUN FROM THE WHITEBOY AND CHARGED WITH THEFT/DOESNT NOOSES SIGNIFY RACISM AND THATS WHAT PRE MEDITATED THE BEATING…WHITE AMERICA IS SO RACIST I’M NOT TAKING SHIT FROM ANY WHITE PEOPLE EVER…MUHFUCKA WHITEBOY EVEN LOOKS AT ME WRONG I SENDING HOT SHIT HIS WAY SON…1

  8. Randy Exclusive

    Yo, the *pause* slap was classic.

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