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September 24th, 2007
Alicia Keys has got to be the finest thing to ever play the piano.

7 Responses to “Alicia Keys – No One (Video)”

  1. Whitney

    I “LIKE” i aint in “LOVE” with it could be a “LITTLE” bit “BETTER”!!!!!!

  2. joo$e

    i know its been a minute but first off…alicia keys can have my baby….second..this is totally off topic but my dude i just got back from the MIA ( 21st bday vacation) and boy oh BOY! Girls down there make you want to slap your mama! They werent lying when they said it was a “Playboy’s Paradise”. My dude MIAMI is DEFINITELY WHERE ITS AT! holla at me…so i can make that trip to the A!

  3. joo$e

    p.s. cot dam i have a lot of catch up reading/listening to do!

  4. Maurice Garland

    Alicia Keys is thicker than a maaaaaah fuugaaah…ya’ll remember that video when she was playing piano in the subway!

  5. Babygirl

    I love this cut… This lady can blow!

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, thumbs up from me too. Joose, I see you, homie.

  7. young hef

    Yeah, shes too fine for her own good…

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