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September 26th, 2007
One of the few songs that I actually liked on that last Crime Mob album.

Bonus Vid: Crime Mob Rap City Freestyle (No comment).

7 Responses to “Crime Mob – Circles (Video)”


    Shout to my nigga Doc Jam!!

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Is that the Tennessee Mixtape Titan/the OG Ozone Music Editor, Wally Sparks?


    Indeed it is.. I had to come post up on the block!! Keep up the good work.

  4. Randy Exclusive

    WOW…thanks for the love, big homie.

  5. The Doc Jam

    The Man, The Legend, DJ Wally Sparks aka Walter Crunkite! Preciate that shout mane…

  6. Randy Exclusive

    Wow. The producer of “Circles” actually left a comment under the video. Keep doing your thing, Doc. You snapped on that “Circles” beat.

  7. The Doc Jam

    Preciate that compliment Randy mane. I’m over here in the beat laboratory right now taking it to the next level.. I got some stuff that picks up where “Circles” left off and goes beyond to other galaxies…

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