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If you ask me, this is the hardest Ozone cover ever!


View the Ozone October/Patiently Waiting issue here.

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8 Responses to “Ozone Magazine – October/Patiently Waiting Issue”

  1. Adam Aziz

    ill cover…the Banner one not Twista haha…and I dig that Yela Wolf dude…is that wrong?

  2. young hef

    The covers are hot! Oh, is that a diamond i-pod twista has around his neck?

  3. Randy Exclusive

    Nah, Aziz. The Twista cover is kinda….aaaaahhh, yeah. And Yela Wolf is dope. Cats don’t know about him yet though.

    Hef, that is a diamond iPod and yes, that is straight ig’int.


    That Banner cover is crazy.

  5. Maurice Garland

    yes, that IS the hardest Ozone cover ever…

  6. Randy Exclusive


  7. Babygirl

    I guess the fellas didn’t actually take a look at the mag inside b/c I don’t see one comment about the model winners! Good look, though… :)

  8. Randy Exclusive

    No, I don’t think they did. On the low, this issue of Ozone is loaded with models…another reason this is probably not only the best cover, but the best issue ever!

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