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By no means is “Blue Magic” a hit record but I’m prolly the only mudafuca that’s rocking to this song. But just off his deliveries and cadences, it’s cool to me.

Other Side of the Block: Hovie’s Home

September 20th, 2007


As promised. Big Brother’s new single from American Gangster.

Jay-Z – Blue Magic (No drops courtesy of Rizoh)

Shouts out to eskay and King Alister

September 20th, 2007


Myself and other bloggers have been kicking up dust about Jena 6 for awhile now but today is the sentencing for Michael Bell, the first to be tried in this Jena 6 bullshit, and thousands of people have made the trip to Jean, Louisiana today in support. (Source).

Me and my homie were trying to plan the trip to Jena but we waited last minute to really plan things out. But when we mapquested the directions and found out Jena was about 9 hours from Atlanta, we pretty much fell back on making the drive last night. Still, I’m rocking my black tee in support of the cause and I hope you’re rocking black today too.


We’ll see how the sentencing plays out today but Kanye was right.


Def Jux is still bullshittin’ on Danny!’s project, so he’s going back to basics and putting out his next album And I Love Her, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and film on the indie tip. His album covers are always hot but this Beatles throwback is super official. This album just jumped up on my Most Anticipated of 2007 list but that’s just because I love my fuxing state like that. Hopefully Danny! will leak a joint to the internet soon, although according to his myspace blog, he’s still in the kitchen cooking. I’ll keep you all posted and quit talking that retire BS, D. Swain. I don’t wanna hear that shit.

September 19th, 2007


News on the streets net is Big Brother will be releasing a new album entitled American Gangster on November 6th. I believe the hype. That last album was so fuxing bad he can’t bow out like that. (Source).

As always, eskay has the scoop here.

And if a rumored new track “Blue Magic” hits the net tomorrow, yall know I got you.

Update: New York Times Article – For Jay-Z Inspiration Arrives in a Movie


Word on the streets is the homie Charlamagne has officially joined the blogosphere. Yeah, he blogged from time to time on his myspace page but that shit doesn’t count. Today the homie started a new blog over at He’s still gonna continue his monthly column with Sparta OZONE but there’s nothing like being able to wake up in the morning, write a blog and tell the world to kick rocks whenever you feel like (well at least that’s why I blog). Anyways, peep my dude’s shit and now that Charla’s coming over in my lane, it might be time for me to try radio (Hmmmm).

Concrete Journals: Honey vs. Vinegar

September 19th, 2007


It’s official, Yeezy is victorious over Fiddy. (Source)

Graduation sales: 957,000

Curtis sales: 691,000

Bonus: ‘Ye chops it up with Wendy Williams & Charlamagne. Check the audio here.

Shouts out to Blak Music First, they always have the new and exclusive black music first.