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October 31st, 2007


I just stole this pic from my dude Riz’s site. For obvious reasons I just couldn’t resist putting it on The Block. It’s Halloween snitches. Halloween doesn’t really mean that much to me since I’m a grown azz man, so it’s not like I’m about to go Trick or Treating or anything. But I’m sure my cousin will take her two devils kids to the mall or something for some candy and when they get back, I’ll just pick all the chocolates out of their bags. Good times.

I’m not sure how Halloween goes down in the A, but I know in the Met you can always go downtown and look at people dressed up as complete idiots, which usually makes my night. My homie back in Columbia is having a Halloween party and I wanted to go but I have too much work to do and I’m leaving for FAMU’s homecoming tomorrow, so I’ll just stay here. But hopefully I can find a Halloween festivity somewhere.

Anyways, I’m posting this Geto Boys track because Bushwich Bill’s verse in “My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me” is the best Halloween story I’ve ever heard:

October 30th, 2007


My favorite sport kicks off tonight, which means I’ll be watching the season opener from my favorite titty bar wings spot, you guessed it…HOOTERS!!! With all the drama heading into the 2007-2008 NBA season, this year looks like it’s gonna be a good one. How will fans and players react in the aftermath of the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal? Will Jelly Bean Bryant Jr. be traded? Will Isiah Thomas call another Knicks’ employee a nappy headed hoe? Will Timmy and the Spurs finally repeat as champions? Will the big three in Boston bring a title to Beantown? Will Eva Longoria leave Tony Parker and holla at cha boy! (Ok, never happen. Wishful thinking).

2007-2008 NBA Season Preview

I don’t have a favorite team in any sports (I’m weird like that). I just watch the games for the highlights and I root for players on my fantasy teams.


This year I’m rocking with Kobe because he’s the star player on my Get Buckets, Inc. fantasy squad but my picks for the NBA Finals are the Boston Celtics vs. the San Antonio Spurs. And I have the Spurs winning back-to-back championships. (Yeah, I said it).

I love this game.


I haven’t actually seen the magazine yet, but I got word from my Carolina brethren that my homegirl Shelly B from Raleigh, NC and my Charleston, SC peoples Marley Mar are both featured in the December issue of Vibe. From what I gathered from Charlamagne’s myspace blog have been told, Vibe did an article called “State Champions” based off of myspace, where they chose their 51 hottest independent artists from across the country.

Marley Mar (not to be confused with Marley Marl) has a song called “Act a Donkey.” The song is a South Carolina classic and anytime you play it in the vicinity of anyone from Charleston, they lose their fuxing mind.

As for Shellz, I’ve been bigging up her for quite some time and that’s because the girl is the illest female that I know in the game, and she’ll body 99% of these bum azz nuccas that claim to be rappers. No really.

Also, word on the streets is Shelly B has inked with Charlamagne Tha God’s imprint and is now the First Lady of Stupid Dope Moves, and her debut album No Cosigns will be released through Stupid Dope Moves in ’08. Seriously people, it is not a fuxing game! The Carolinas ain’t playing games. We’re bustin’ STUPID DOPE MOVES!!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go find that Vibe. Not really for Shellz and Marley, I wanna see if you can get a better look at Keyshia Cole’s breastasis. She has a nice rack. (Word to Kanye).

October 29th, 2007


Lil Ru is getting his media grind on right now. Sohh Dirty over at Sohh Dot Com has an audio interview with Ru here. SC all day, baby. We’re not outside the bubble no more. But somebody needs to get Sohh Dirty some Crunk Juice. You sound mad lackadaisical, homie.

October 29th, 2007


American Gangster, the Jay-Z album not the movie, leaked over the weekend. I know cats wanna know what it sounds like, but I actually haven’t listened to the leaked version that much yet, so I can’t speak on it. But I think these reviews from around the net should be helpful. I just got back from South Kack and I’m still tired from this hood azz party I went to on Saturday. So check these reviews and I’ll be back after I recover from the Happy Juice.

Billy Sunday: Totally Unofficial XXL Mag Dot Com Review of American Gangster

Byron Crawford Review Review


I’ve been listening to this mixtape for the last 24 hours straight, and I don’t care if this muthafucka is an actor on Degrassi…Drake is nice.

Drake – Comeback Season (Mixtape Download)

I’ve been kinda slack on The Block this week because I’ve been grinding hard on this Ozone sex issue [ll, just in case]. Actually, I’ve been having a fuxing ball with this shit. Me and E had the idea to interview Alexyss Taylor for the issue (BRILLIANT!!!). So we hit her on myspace (yeah, she has a myspace page) and about an hour later, E was interviewing Ms. Vagina Power, which was the best interview ever. I don’t really remember everything she said but it was classic material, so ya’ll gotta check the issue when it hits the streets. But for right now, peep the 2 Faced D*ck Wars. And just for the record, I bet A. Tylor has dat good.

Bonus Vid: Alexyss Tylor Pilots The P*ssy

October 24th, 2007


Shouts out to my dude Danny Swain. For the second year in a row Danny!, South Carolina’s most slept on rapper, has made it onto the Grammy Awards nomination ballot. Danny Is Dead and his instrumental album Dream, Fulfilled received consideration in a bunch of categories (and I don’t feel like posting them all right now). I’m not sure what it is that Swain’s doing that the rest of you aren’t, but he was at the Grammys last year which is more than I can say for myself or anyone else that I know. Congrats once again, D. Swain. I’m waiting on that next album and I don’t wanna hear that retirement talk.

Danny’s Myspace Blog: Grammy News







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