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I’ve been kinda slack on The Block this week because I’ve been grinding hard on this Ozone sex issue [ll, just in case]. Actually, I’ve been having a fuxing ball with this shit. Me and E had the idea to interview Alexyss Taylor for the issue (BRILLIANT!!!). So we hit her on myspace (yeah, she has a myspace page) and about an hour later, E was interviewing Ms. Vagina Power, which was the best interview ever. I don’t really remember everything she said but it was classic material, so ya’ll gotta check the issue when it hits the streets. But for right now, peep the 2 Faced D*ck Wars. And just for the record, I bet A. Tylor has dat good.

Bonus Vid: Alexyss Tylor Pilots The P*ssy

3 Responses to “Alexyss K. Tylor Is The Queen of Vagina Power”

  1. iLL wiLL

    her myspace page out of control

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Yo, the Vagina Power lady is gangsta.

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