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October 24th, 2007


Shouts out to my dude Danny Swain. For the second year in a row Danny!, South Carolina’s most slept on rapper, has made it onto the Grammy Awards nomination ballot. Danny Is Dead and his instrumental album Dream, Fulfilled received consideration in a bunch of categories (and I don’t feel like posting them all right now). I’m not sure what it is that Swain’s doing that the rest of you aren’t, but he was at the Grammys last year which is more than I can say for myself or anyone else that I know. Congrats once again, D. Swain. I’m waiting on that next album and I don’t wanna hear that retirement talk.

Danny’s Myspace Blog: Grammy News

3 Responses to “Damn…He Did It Again”

  1. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    That fuxin’ CRAZY !!!

  2. I'm Free, I'm Still Standing, & I'm Still Strong!

    Never met him but he from SC and he doin sumthin rite…so congrats to homie!
    I’ll tell ya a few things he’s doing tha rest of us ain’t doing:
    1. He’s putting out bar-coded quality albums (while the majority of artists are only putting out mixtapes; since when do mixtapes receive grammy nods?)
    2. He ain’t on dat “shoot em up bang bang, cook crack flip bricks, bragging & boasting about how much money you got” bandwagon dat 85-90% of rappers are on. And if ya ain’t on dat bandwagon, they wanna label u as being a backpacker. Call him want ya want but homie got substance in his shit.
    3. A lotta rappers put dey shit on consignment at tha local one stops and mom & pops stores and sell dey shit hand to hand out tha trunk but this dude gotta have some type of decent distribution (Select-o-hits, navarre, bcd music group, etc.). Anybody just can’t walk in to FYE, circuit city, target,etc. and ask to do a consignment deal.

  3. Sly

    i met dude a few weeks ago at the NC vs SC beat battle in columbia. just chopped it up for a second, he seemed cool though. on the real though, what the fuck is goin’ on? you don’t even see or hear from dude like that and his shit is poppin’ major. he got a lotta love from mtv U a while back. i hope he do it big.

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