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October 29th, 2007


American Gangster, the Jay-Z album not the movie, leaked over the weekend. I know cats wanna know what it sounds like, but I actually haven’t listened to the leaked version that much yet, so I can’t speak on it. But I think these reviews from around the net should be helpful. I just got back from South Kack and I’m still tired from this hood azz party I went to on Saturday. So check these reviews and I’ll be back after I recover from the Happy Juice.

Billy Sunday: Totally Unofficial XXL Mag Dot Com Review of American Gangster

Byron Crawford Review Review

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5 Responses to “American Gangster – Reviews”

  1. Big Homie

    Looking foward to this album. It’s not Hovember 6th yet?

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, man. I’m gonna wait to check out the official version myself.

  3. O.K.

    Thought you was talking about the movie for a second. I went to my barber Friday for a fresh cut and I see they playing the movie. Everybody and they mama was buying them shit!! Thats why black movies dont make that cake like they should. I didnt bother buying a copy though cause I actually like kicking out that $7.50(actually is like $5.00 cause I actually show my school ID to get that discount lol) to see the actual movie.

    I did download the Jay album by the way. Havent listened to it yet other than that wayne track and the Nas track. Matter fact I think im bout to take a listen now. Ill post again once I get a thorough listen

  4. 1980

    I haven’t downloaded the entire thing yet. I’m still holdin out for the official. But what I have heard so far is solid. Especially the joint with Nas.

  5. kash kastro

    Had official Retail release for about 3days now and i can say as a fan of Hov, its not what i expected from him…. Glad i didnt pay for this one…. lol “CANT SELL ME BULLSHIT, I KNOW WHAT THE PRICE IS”

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