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October 30th, 2007


My favorite sport kicks off tonight, which means I’ll be watching the season opener from my favorite titty bar wings spot, you guessed it…HOOTERS!!! With all the drama heading into the 2007-2008 NBA season, this year looks like it’s gonna be a good one. How will fans and players react in the aftermath of the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal? Will Jelly Bean Bryant Jr. be traded? Will Isiah Thomas call another Knicks’ employee a nappy headed hoe? Will Timmy and the Spurs finally repeat as champions? Will the big three in Boston bring a title to Beantown? Will Eva Longoria leave Tony Parker and holla at cha boy! (Ok, never happen. Wishful thinking).

2007-2008 NBA Season Preview

I don’t have a favorite team in any sports (I’m weird like that). I just watch the games for the highlights and I root for players on my fantasy teams.


This year I’m rocking with Kobe because he’s the star player on my Get Buckets, Inc. fantasy squad but my picks for the NBA Finals are the Boston Celtics vs. the San Antonio Spurs. And I have the Spurs winning back-to-back championships. (Yeah, I said it).

I love this game.

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  1. Young E

    You are truly a fool, son.

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