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I haven’t actually seen the magazine yet, but I got word from my Carolina brethren that my homegirl Shelly B from Raleigh, NC and my Charleston, SC peoples Marley Mar are both featured in the December issue of Vibe. From what I gathered from Charlamagne’s myspace blog have been told, Vibe did an article called “State Champions” based off of myspace, where they chose their 51 hottest independent artists from across the country.

Marley Mar (not to be confused with Marley Marl) has a song called “Act a Donkey.” The song is a South Carolina classic and anytime you play it in the vicinity of anyone from Charleston, they lose their fuxing mind.

As for Shellz, I’ve been bigging up her for quite some time and that’s because the girl is the illest female that I know in the game, and she’ll body 99% of these bum azz nuccas that claim to be rappers. No really.

Also, word on the streets is Shelly B has inked with Charlamagne Tha God’s imprint and is now the First Lady of Stupid Dope Moves, and her debut album No Cosigns will be released through Stupid Dope Moves in ’08. Seriously people, it is not a fuxing game! The Carolinas ain’t playing games. We’re bustin’ STUPID DOPE MOVES!!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go find that Vibe. Not really for Shellz and Marley, I wanna see if you can get a better look at Keyshia Cole’s breastasis. She has a nice rack. (Word to Kanye).

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8 Responses to “Shelly B & Marley Mar In Vibe Magazine”

  1. O.K.

    Damn Marly Mar up in Vibe?!? Imma have to cop it just for that. And you right bout “Act a Donkey” Niggaz loose their mind when that joint come on

  2. Nika

    Damn you got up early for this one ha? Keshia Cole made you start your day early, wow that is serious LOL :-)

  3. Randy Exclusive

    I wrote this last night girl!

  4. N2ition

    im sorry, but i gotta hate. i am not feelin marly mar on any sort of level. just dont get it.

  5. chucktownmedia

    Congrads to Marly Mar cuz rather you hate him or not he is the most known and most radio played artist in the history of charlestons z93 jamz. Cuz in
    my opinion Soulja Boy is very wack but I cannot hate on his success so congrads to both. Marly Mar deserves every bit of this recognition.

  6. Writer’s Block Media

    [...] and gentlemen, the dude you see pictured above is none other than Chucktown’s own and one of Vibe’s 51 Best Myspace rappers Marley Mar. Marley is one of the better known Charleston, SC rapper. He put out this song called [...]

  7. MySpace Proxy

    Thanks Again for all your help!

  8. the king

    yea i no you cant feel the king on no level cause you a clown…only clown ass niggas who ain never spend a day in the streets cant feel what the king spittin..get yo head out your ass and respect good music when you hear it ya fagot

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