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This is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. Show your respects, bastards (E, this means you).

I’ve been kinda slack on The Block this week because I’ve been grinding hard on this Ozone sex issue [ll, just in case]. Actually, I’ve been having a fuxing ball with this shit. Me and E had the idea to interview Alexyss Taylor for the issue (BRILLIANT!!!). So we hit her on myspace (yeah, she has a myspace page) and about an hour later, E was interviewing Ms. Vagina Power, which was the best interview ever. I don’t really remember everything she said but it was classic material, so ya’ll gotta check the issue when it hits the streets. But for right now, peep the 2 Faced D*ck Wars. And just for the record, I bet A. Tylor has dat good.

Bonus Vid: Alexyss Tylor Pilots The P*ssy

October 24th, 2007


Shouts out to my dude Danny Swain. For the second year in a row Danny!, South Carolina’s most slept on rapper, has made it onto the Grammy Awards nomination ballot. Danny Is Dead and his instrumental album Dream, Fulfilled received consideration in a bunch of categories (and I don’t feel like posting them all right now). I’m not sure what it is that Swain’s doing that the rest of you aren’t, but he was at the Grammys last year which is more than I can say for myself or anyone else that I know. Congrats once again, D. Swain. I’m waiting on that next album and I don’t wanna hear that retirement talk.

Danny’s Myspace Blog: Grammy News


You already know I’m South Cack all day. Big shouts out to my dude, Lil Ru. Looking good, homie (no homo).

Lil Ru’s “Don’t I Look Good” single available in stores and online today. Cop it online here.


I asked the question, what’s in Weezy’s cup and my homie, Sohh Gyant, has taken the question over to his Sohh Atlanta blog. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this soon. But I’m telling you, it’s gotta be Crunk Juice.

Sohh Atlanta: What The Hell Does Weezy Always Be Sipping On?

October 23rd, 2007

Ill vid and just for the record, I want Alicia Keys.

October 22nd, 2007


Since I don’t really watch the news, I didn’t know the governor of Georgia declared a state of emergency for GA, and asked that Georgia Bush declare it a major disaster area. Apparently, there’s a serious drought going on in the Southeast and the state has been hit pretty hard (Source).

I’m not really sure what’s going on but we never had this kinda problem in SC. Basically, the state of GA isn’t allowing anyone to use water outside. No one is allowed to water their grass, wash their car, or use water in anyway outside. If anyone gets caught, they’ll be fined, but if you’re black and you live in the hood, they’ll probably Rodney King your azz

The state government has also asked to people shower their kids together (random). But if any chicks wanna get on some conserve water shit, I’m down to save water and shower together. Kinda like that Ray Cash uncut video, where he has a couple chicks in the shower with him but he keeps his glasses on. Yeah, I never understood how you can be in the shower with glasses on, but that’s neither here nor there.

On another note, the Empire dropped another one of those Lil Wayne Da Drought Is Over mixtapes, but I don’t think they’re trying to market the lack of water in the Southeast with the mixtape in any way.

Mixtape Download: The Empire & Lil Wayne – Da Drought Is Over 4 (via Get Right Music)

October 20th, 2007
This wouldn’t have been my pick for T-Pain’s third single but what do I know.

Totally Unrelated Bonus: BET Hip Hop Awards Ciphers (via eskay)

No bond for T.I. (Source). Hold your head, Tip.


I’ve been trying to figure out what Wayne keeps in that white cup he’s always carrying around, and I think I know what it is.

Other Side Of The Block: What’s In Weezy’s Cup?