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Just wanted to remind everyone that the Sam King Entertainment and WritersBlockMedia.Net, Respect & Honor Hustle Kard edition mixtape is on the way. We hit y’all with the first one on Christmas Day 2006. And on December 25th, 2007, we’re about to do it again. S to the King, I think it’s about that time.

November 29th, 2007











Big game tonight, Brett Favvv-re and the Green Bay Packers take on Tony “I’m fuxing all the Hollywood hoes promiscuous girls now” Romo, and R.E. and Co. will be out in full effect. The NFL isn’t showing the game on cable TV, so we’re taking tonight’s festivities over to the greatest place ever created for nuccas to eat, drank, watch football, flirt wit’ hot chicks and be marry:














Yessur, the Hooters in downtown Atlanta has the best assortment of Hooters’ girls I’ve ever seen. My dude E and his homies go there every week (sometimes twice a week) and I’ve been joining lately, so tonight… meet me at the Hooters.. it’s going down. I do like Wild Wings better but hey, chicken, beer and football accompanied by hot chicks is the best of both worlds.


So, my homegirl, Kisha sent me a message on Myspace earlier and it went like this:

“Lauren London and WeezyF Baby are coupling it up”

The message was accompanied by a lank to YBF, with photos of New-New and Lil Weasel courtside in Naw’lins at a Hornets game on Thanksgiving Eve. First off, who goes to Hornets games? Second, why does Lil Weasel always have that white cup? And finally, why is Lil Weasel back kicking it with my future wifie?

The YBF exclusive went on to say that Young LL and Weasel kicked it afterwards at a Weasel and Birdman party. And that LL stuck around Naw’lins to have Thanksgiving with Weasel and his peoples. Oh hell to the no! Lil Weasel must be stopped!

It’s amazing how many people know about my infatuation with Lauren London. I guess I have been persistent in my unyielding quest to make her mine (it’s the fuxing dimple, I swear that shit is so cot damn sexy). This is breakin my heart, but despite Weasel popping back up in the picture, this is just a minor setback in my operation. We’re gonna work through this. New-New, I forgive you, mama. This ain’t the end of the road. Thanks, for the tip, Kisha but I can’t let go.

November 29th, 2007

okayplayer.gif is one of my favorite websites ever because it’s one of the only spots online that truly represents the artists that exude the essence of true hip-hop. That and it’s the only place online where you’ll find Lupe Fiasco and Phonte dropping posts on the same message board.

Anyways, Okayplayer, is presenting for the first time ever, the Okayplayer Music Awards, which is already better than the umpteenth music awards out there because you don’t have to physically go there and see a show to find out who the winners are. Actually, you have until Dec. 18th to go here and vote. And the winners will be announced on Dec. 20th. I haven’t voted yet because I’m too lazy to fill out the short questionnaire and go through all the categories, but since I have until the 18th of December, I’ll probably just go ahead and vote on the 17th of December (yes, the niggary in me is coming out).

There are a lot of cats nominated, from Kanye West and Talib Kweli to UGK and Rich Boy. There’s Rock, rap, gospel, R&B and a bunch of random categories that I can’t wait to see who the winners are. But the nomination that I have the pleasure of announcing is for none other than South Cack’s best kept secret:

You guessed it…


Danny! “fuxing” Swain

My homie from SC (and frat brother I might add) is nominated for “Most Slept-On Artist” which is kinda ironic because he’s always bitching about not getting recognized (especially in SC), but now he’s getting recognized for not being recognized. (See Danny!’s myspace blog here for more details).

Congratulations, D. Swain. Hey, man, the love keeps pouring in. Well, for the most part. I still wanna know why Danny! isn’t on South Crack: The Album?


After hearing about Sean Taylor, I’m really feeling like I need to enjoy life. So, tonight I’m gonna checkout one of my favorite groups, Little Brother, at the Earl out in Decatur, Jogia. LB is one of those groups that really gives you your money’s worth when they put on a show, so I’m pretty sure tonight’s show will restore some of my love for hip-hop that ‘s been sucked out of me by listening to wack mixtapes from bum azz over the past year.

Shows like this allow me to enjoy a performance and actually vibe to the music without someone trying to hand me a demo. I actually like going to a concert, standing in line and standing in a crowd of purist, while reciting the lines to our favorite records in unison. Good times. It’s simple…tonight I get to be a fan. See you there tonight, if not, I’ll tell you about it.


The 3rd Annual Dirty Awards went down last night in the A. While I didn’t attend, some of my peeps from the J-O were there. Basically, the Dirty Awards is an excuse for Atlanta nuccas to recognize and give awards to Atlanta nuccas (as if they don’t get enough shine already). Man, someone organize the Carolina Awards, and I better get an award too.

Ozone Photo Gallery: 3rd Annual Dirty Awards

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November 27th, 2007


I remember the first time I completed an assignment for, I interview my dudes Collardgreen and Lil Ru, and the feeling I got from seeing my work up on the World’s Most Dangerous site was like, I was officially on my way as a hip-hop journalist. You gotta understand, for some dudes from South Cack, having Ru and Green featured on AllHipHop was just as major as me writing the story. To sum everything up from that point…you can’t tell me nothing.

Anyways, that was over a year ago, and although I’m rockin’ wit’ Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Magazine now and I’ve taken my completely random rants over to, I still pen for one of the illest hip-hop website’s ever. Shouts out to the big homie over there, Steve Raze, for bringing me into the AHH fold and continuing to show love to the boy, R.E.

I interviewed Wes Fif the other day for AHH and the interview is on the site now. That’s how I do, baby. One outlet ain’t enough.



Wes Fif Interview: Amongst The War Zone

November 27th, 2007


Washington Redskins Pro Bowl Safety Sean Taylor died early Tuesday morning, a day after he was shot by an intruder in his home on Monday. (Story).

R.I.P. Sean Taylor


“This Can’t Be Life”







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