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I dropped a post last year after reading a study that said North Charleston, SC (kinda sorta my home…I’m actually from Charleston…well, James Island, SC but it’s pretty much all the same), is the 20th Most Dangerous City in the US. Well, that was last year and the new reports are in and this year North Charleston jumped up 13 spots to 7th, which let’s us all know that nothing has changed in the city of North Charleston and people are still fuxing crazy in Chucktown. (Story here).

My friends and I have been kidding around saying people in Charleston have nothing to live for, but after reading how a dude got murked over a bike earlier this year, that just justified our statement. If you put it into perspective by comparisons, North Charleston ranks higher than cities like Memphis, Tenn., Baltimore, MD, Cincinnati, OH and Compton, CA, all which are thought to be pretty gully.

I’m headed home this week for Turkey Day but I think I’ll stay away from North Charleston. Not that I’m scared to walk around in my hometown or anything but I have things to live for, so I just won’t take any chances. You know how it goes down in the Chuck:


Nuccas get bodied.

Unrelated but just as retarded story: Three Georgia boys ages 8 and 9 charged with the rape of an 11 year old girl. (Hopefully these little muthafuxas don’t get sentenced to life).

9 Responses to “North Charleston Nuccas Are Still The Realest”

  1. Maurice Garland

    NUCCA! Thats got to be the most {cant find the word) verse I’ve ever heard, gawt dayum buddy? PimpTrickGangstaClick like a mah fugga…let me stop talking shit before that nigga come looking for me.

    SMH @ both of those cats dying before age 21.

    Why that picture look like Carlos might have murked those dudes himself, at the same time?

  2. young hef

    Carlos Cartel has got to be hard body for even writing a verse like that. I know we have had the convo about how out of line Charleston is before, so I’m really not surprised by this report. Oh yeah, no telling whats about to happen to those kids. Remember this is GA, and if my memory is correct, didn’t they lock up a high school football player a few years for getting some brain or something crazy like that?

  3. Babygirl

    On the radio this morning, NY was like 207 and Charleston is #7? OMG!!! And I was just in N. Charleston this weekend… lol

  4. dj lemonhead

    I dont care how old they are.Rapists deserve life. Fux that.

  5. joo$e

    As my friend once mentioned….”Charleston…best place to be from…worst place to be at”

  6. Briauna

    Fux that if those lil boys did rape that girl they need to be in jail for life.. That breaks my heart. My step Grandma lives somewhere in Charleston, I know she lives across tha highway from Wando High…

  7. Maurice Garland

    maybe Chucktown should have thier own video game.

  8. Troy Gathers

    I love my city, but I really think that Charleston people need to travel more. The average black Charlestoian male hasn’t traveled past Columbia in his lifetime. Without seeing any different your going to surcome to your surroundings. Lets plan more trips and would somebody please tell every kid coming up “You don’t have to rap to be down” I’m tired of the mix’n songs.LOL

  9. Randy Exclusive

    Maaaaaan, you know you can’t take our people nowhere. Ex. Dino at the Ozone Awards.

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