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As a follow up to his Star Studded Gangsta Grillz mixtape, my dude (and South Cack’s own) Gemstar Da Goldenchild will be releasing his new mixtape World Champions. Hands down, Gem is one of the dopest in SC and when it comes to the mixtape scene, dude is head of the class. He already dropped joints with Big Mike, P-Cutt, Jelly and Drama, and now he’s bringing it home with Charlamagne and Frosty (ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED).

Yo, peep the snippet and I’ll let ya’ll know when this shit drops. Sounds like it’s gonna be another banger.

Gemstar – World Champions (Mixtape Snippets)

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13 Responses to “Gemstar Da Goldenchild – World Champions (Mixtape Cover & Snippets)”

  1. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    One day they’ll catch on…Happy B-Day NIGKA…

  2. marcus

    i heard this dude before he should been sign. this music he has now is a fuckin classic i will buy his music when it drops.. if i had the money i will sign him, myself.. labels now days rather sign wack ass artist that not going to sale nomore than 10,000 copies a week that is terrible … i heard the radio the other day dis dude name young ralph SONG GOES LOOK LIKE MONEY SMELL LIKE MONEY… that shit is wack who in the hell want to smell like money thats been pass around in thousands of people hands come on dude STOP! RAPPING.. LYRICS ARE COMING BACK..this dude gemstar is going somewhere because he has his own style i never knew S.C. had decent artist but this dude here is major

  3. Steelz

    oh yeah i been waiting on this one!

  4. melissa

    i cant wait hip hop is back! you go gemstar the south has done it again…

  5. cthagod

    Another Stupid Dope Move!!

  6. dana

    that world champions is the shit can’t wait to here the rest of it when it drop… gemstar keep bringing that fire we need u hommie…

  7. broadway

    this is what the south need is lyrics with punchlines i got his last mixtapes, them shits was hot.. this dude is more commercial, he should been sign to record label long time ago.. keep bringing that down south heat..

  8. ray


  9. donte regis

    everybody pay attention you are looking at history in the making!!!

  10. Randy Exclusive

    (In my best Mad Rapper voice) NAH, SON, NAH. FUCK THAT NIGGA GEMSTAR. HE AIN’T NICE. WE DON’T RAP LIKE THAT IN THE SOUTH. WE DON’T USE METAPHORS AND PUNCHLINES. THAT NIGGA IS WACK. WE RAP ABOUT CARS AND RIMS AND DIAMONDS. Well, he does have that one song about diamonds, but FUCK THAT. HE AIN’T EVEN FROM THE SOUTH. HE’S FROM NEW YORK. Well, he looks and sounds like he’s from New York or something, son. MAN FUCK THAT NIGGA MAN.


    (That was a joke for ya’ll slow, nuccas).

  11. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Ayo B…I aint feelin’ dis Nigga EITHER..Son aint from here …I heard dat nigga from Mercury …WE DONT FUCK WITH THEM MERCURY NIGGAZ…Dat nigga gotta be from Mercury….

  12. napz of famtite

    yo fam i already know ya heard i been telling niggas since the damn 90′s glad yall catching up to us out here in lex. we gottalot of heavy hitters but yes star is on the front line. shout out to b-12 , cantone , vikta yae. yo star lets get it my nicka. 1000% yo this site is good shit peoples

  13. Writer’s Block Media

    [...] music from one of SC’s finest. His World Champions mixtape will be here before you haterz know [...]

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