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February 27th, 2008


Word on the street net is Lil Wayne has signed on to endorse Stay Strapped Condoms. (Read story here). Yep, the same condoms that I shouted out a few weeks ago, but now I’ve reneged on my endorsement after using one for the first time and having that shit break on me in mid-stroke. To be honest, I used one, it broke and then I decided to give it another chance and those shit were hella dry, as if the condoms were lubricated with super glue or something (and that’s not what’s up).

I mean, I love black people with an entrepreneur spirit and J. Prince is definitely a businessman but I shoulda known better to use a jimmy hat from a guy that runs Rap-A-Lot (I’m just saying). I’m just gonna stick with the gold medals and keep it moving.

For all you Weezy stans that’ll pretty much follow up anything dude says, don’t even do it. Use a Stay Strapped if you wanna…nuccas will be having all kinds of hoes promiscuous girls pregnant, fuxing burn marks on your d*ck, hell you’re fuxing d*ck might just fall off (no homo to that whole sentence).


On another note, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a condom on my joint that’s endorsed by Lil Weasel Weezy and it has nothing to do with him sippin lean outta that cup and popping e-pills all day. I’ve been a Trojan Man all my life without any problems (i.e. unplanned pregnancies and STDs), why press my luck following up some rappers? Numbers don’t lie and Trojans are the best. I’m good.


I really wasn’t looking forward to Rick Ross’ album, but after hearing “Maybach Music” with Jay-Z last night, I really can’t wait to download it when it leaks cop it when it drops.

Other Side Of The Block: Trilla Isn’t A Weedplate After All

February 26th, 2008


I went to an album release party for Rick Ross’ Trilla album last night at Patchwerk Studios here in Atlanta. I thought the album was going to fuxing suck, but it’s really not that bad. Yung Joc, Ne-Yo (random), Rich Boy, Gorilla Zoe, Big Kuntry, DJ Don Cannon and Jimmy Henchman (random too) were all in the building and you can catch some of the pics via the photo galleries linked below.

ExclusiveAccess.Net Rick Ross listening party photo gallery here. Rick Ross listening party photo gallery here.

February 25th, 2008


I always watch The Wire on HBO and I get to see each week’s episode before it comes on Sunday night. So, I knew Omar Little caught one to the head about a week ago, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna ruin it for all you Wire fanatics that don’t have On Demand. Omar was the realest stick-up man that ever walked the streets, and the dude was so gangsta, it was hard to believe he was a fuxing fag.

Omar’s death came as a surprise, especially since he was murking Marlo Stanfield’s muscle and corners, I thought he was really gonna stick it to Marlo (no gay joke there…well kinda). The biggest shock came when the little hopper, Kenard, took him out (wow, I still can’t be it). Omar’s gone y’all. It didn’t hurt me like when Bodie got dropped, but this was a major blow to the show. But since there are only 2 more episodes left before the series is put to rest, I guess it doesn’t really matter. But damn, that gay azz nucca was real.

February 25th, 2008


New pics of my bust it baby New-New at BET Rip The Runway. (Straight ripped from Real Talk NY)

Treal – The Crush



“I hope that you’re the one. If not, you are the prototype.” (c) Andre 3000

More pics from Rip The Runway @ Real Talk NY here.

Rip The Runway airs on BET March 4th. For info. about the show log on to here.

February 23rd, 2008


I went to a predominantly white high school and university, so I’ve always kicked it with white people, but since moving to Atlanta, I realized there aren’t very many white folks in this city. And I can’t lie, I miss white folks. The only white person I see on the regular now is Julia, which doesn’t really count because although she still has some whiteness in her, but she’s been doing a rap magazine for so long that she’s adopted a lot of black tendencies.

The only time I really see a lot of white people now, is when I go back home to SC and that’s when I’m reminded white people run this shit. When I’m home in Charleston I usually just go downtown and bar hop because it’s a lot safer to party with white folks because they don’t shoot each other. They just get really drunk and beat each other up, (which is usually funny as hell…when black people fight…not so much).

Anyways, I stumbled across a blog today, that if you love white people like me, you might wanna checkout:

Stuff White People Like

White people rock. I don’t trust you new nuccas over there (word to Uncle Ruckus).

February 23rd, 2008


So, I was listening to Star 94 yesterday (which is the white station that I listen to when I had enough of bull shit rap music) and they were talking about Forbes inaugural list of America’s Most Miserable Cities and I thought it was very interesting. Forbes looks at the 150 largest metropolitan areas, ranks them in 6 categories (commute times, income tax rates, superfund sites, unemployment, violent crimes and weather), and gives each city a Misery Measure to determine which city is the most miserable.

Unsurprisingly, Detroit, MI (the city pictured above) this the most miserable city of them all, which is pretty much a no-brainer with it being the murder capital of the US and with unemployment there worse than TVT Records (and that’s just awful).

The Top 10 cities went like this:

1. Detroit, MI

2. Stockton, CA

3. Flint, MI

4. New York, NY

5. Philadelphia, PA

6. Chicago, IL

7. Los Angeles, CA

8. Modesto, CA

9. Charlotte, NC

10. Providenc, RI

(See individual reports here)

Now, none of this cities really surprised me except Charlotte, NC (even though I’ve never heard of Modesto, CA)


Before moving from SC, my choice was between Atlanta and Charlotte, and I always thought the Queen City was the Carolina place to be. I got a lot of friends in Charlotte, so I’m there a lot (CIAA anyone?), and it always comes off as such a beautiful city that’s it’s hard to believe things are fuxed the fux up there. But apparently, the city is growing so fast that the city can’t keep up with the crime, and unless you work for the Bobcats, Panthers, Bank of America or Wachovia, it’s pretty much hard to find a good job. Not to mention that fact that there’s really not much to do there, but that’s not one of the Misery Measure categories (but it should be).

As for the rest of the list, cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Philly are big and exciting cities, but for a country boy like myself, I think I’d rather keep it down South. Hell, the house I live in now would prolly go for a cool half-a-million or so in one of those places, so I think I’m living comfortable in ATL, shawty.

The best part of this, at least Charleston, SC isn’t listed on there. I always have to hold my head in shame when lists like this come out. Something just ain’t right in my hometown. Chucktown nuccas are the craziest.

February 21st, 2008


Shouts out to the homie D. Swain, who is the Kook Kid of the Week over at Blogxilla. In this latest interview, Danny! talks about retiring (again), his upcoming album And I Love H.E.R., and how the media can break an artist (which is what I do everyday).

I’ve been fuxin’ wit’ Danny! for a couple years now, and I’d like to think I’m one of the people that constantly encourages this dude to keep rapping. Shut the fux about retirement and keep rapping, Danny! (See, I do it all the time).

And checkout this D. Swain freestyle below. It’s for the forthcoming South Carolina album and Swain shouts out R.E. and The Block. (Charlamagne, what’s South Crackin’, homie).







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