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younG Burna is one of my favorite unsigned artists coming out of South Carolina. I featured him on The Block about a year ago, and since then the young homie moved to Atlanta and is one of the few cats that consistently drops tracks that I actually like. Burna’s new track “Rather See Her Smile” is my fav joint of the moment, and this is one of the tightest samples that I’ve heard in a minute.

younG Burna – Rather See Her Smile

Burna, you a fool for this one, homie.

younG Burna @ myspace here.

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5 Responses to “younG Burna – Rather See Her Smile”

  1. kashkastro

    yeah this is dope… def need for my mixtape… holla at me fam…

  2. Randy Exclusive


  3. BlogXilla

    yo this song is fucking awesome B. Good look on putting me on to this track i’m bout to add it to my page on the space and rip it so i can add it to my ipod!! lol yo CC: the women and let them know Xilla is coming back to ATL.

  4. boi-dan

    it’s cool, I like the ‘this block’ record better

    but uh, he needs to stop flodging, he says he’s from atlanta on his myspace, he know that is being deceptive, he needs to add a slash or change it he’s comin’ off as a posin’ f*ck boy……

    fake on sc if you wanna, that sh!t will come back in bite you in the ass

    the net is watchin’ nigga

  5. iLL WiLL

    Kinda late…Nah real late, but had to come make a comment rope. This joint ridin right here. So refreshing. I think we got the first SC artist to put FME Magazine.

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