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March 22nd, 2008


Despite popular belief, there are women that still rap, they just don’t get much recognition. But since it’s Women’s History Month, what better time to let these girls do what they do in the name of hip-hop. B-Girl Fest is tonight in Columbia, SC, where you’ll be able to catch the hottest female MCs in the Carolinas. I wish I could go to see my girls Ya Ya, Peace and Shelly B, but since I haven’t really mastered being in two places at once (although I’ve been trying), I’m just going to stay here and catch the Clipse and Three Six Mafia at the A3C. But all my hip-hop heads in the Metro, ya’ll should hit up B-Girl Fest tonight. Tell them ya’ll heard about it on The Block (Shekeese, Venom, what up).

3 Responses to “B-Girl Fest 2008”

  1. DJ Kryptonite

    I always miss the good shit. Ima start booking my gigs a day in advance. But that chick Shelly B is a beast and she defIinately BUST STUPID DOPE MOVES!!!!

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Yeah, man. Shelly B is the truth.

  3. boi-dan

    No disrespect to Venom’s husband (if she has one)

    But Venom looks like she knows what to do with it…..

    My, My, My

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