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I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday (basically my whole weekend) at the A3C festival here in Atlanta. Me and the homie Maurice G. Garland kicked and we saw everyone from Wale, Jeru The Damaja, Little Brother, Holly Weerd, Proton, Blu, B.O.B., Biz Markie, Marley Marl, Roxanne Shante, Craig G and Killer Mike to the muthafuxing Clipse and the Re Up Gang. Cot damn! It’s a new day. I can’t speak for MGG but my love for hip-hop was rejuvenated this weekend. Sometimes I need to cleanse that wack shit outta my soul with some realness.

Little Brother

The Juice Crew

The Clipse

2 Responses to “Hip Hop Ain’t Dead: A3C Edition”

  1. Bahama is droppin the mama

    aww man, i left my headphones at home…lol

  2. Randy Exclusive

    Well, the post will be here when you get to the crib. You shoulda been there, it was dope.

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