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March 25th, 2008


In case you haven’t noticed, gas is too damn high. I haven’t driven home to Charleston once this year because I really just can’t afford it. If I want to make a trip to Charleston, I’m gonna have to take out a loan or get another credit card. But I never really wondered where all the money from the rising gas prices goes and who really benefits from us paying more at the pump, until my homie Lank hit me with an email about Dubai, which is a country or city or emirate or whatever the fux they call it over in the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai pumps out about 240,000 barrels of oil a day and is a major player in the oil industry. Although, petroleum and natural gas only make up about 6% of Dubai’s revenues, oil was basically the foundation of their now $37 billion economy.

It’s just kinda crazy to think a place can go from this:

Dubai in 1990

To this:

Same Dubai street in 2003.

To this, in a span of only 17 years:

Same Dubai street in 2007

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see these nuccas are caked the fux up from the increase in gas prices and oil revenues over the years. They have so much money over there, these muthafuckas are building the largest waterfront development in the world, the world’s largest artificial islands, the world’s tallest hotel, the world’s first underwater hotel, the world’s tallest building, they have 15% – 25% of the world’s largest cranes and they’re building all kinds of other shit that you wouldn’t believe if I told. Basically, this muthafuxas got PAPER (and ya’ll rappers need to quit rapping about money, until you start seeing Dubai dough). I’m not sure how long these photos have been circulating the net but Dubai needs to ante up some snaps on the petro.

View Here: Why Dubai needs to ante up snaps on the petro

This is some bullshit.

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7 Responses to “Snaps On The Petro”

  1. Jay Midnyte

    Oh you ain’t know? Thos is Bush peoples.

  2. Jay Midnyte

    here’s a picture of Bush, Bush, and Cheney with their royalty.

  3. Randy Exclusive

    That’s why I don’t fuck wit’ no one named Bush. Niggas caking up off gas prices. I don’t even fuck wit Reggie Bush. Just cause his last name is Bush.

  4. Bahama is droppin the mama

    MAINE! yall ain’t heard how much gas is in the Bahamas have you? five bucks! and of course it’s going up shoot it might have already..I ain’t gone front tho I still wanna visit Dubai..and LMAO @ the reggie bush comment!

  5. Randy Exclusive

    $5 a gallon is ridiculous. I’m just gonna stay home and not drive anywhere.

  6. Bahama is droppin the mama

    who u tellin…i’m bout to tell my boss to give me a gas allowance to get to and from work!

  7. boi-dan

    “Big Ballin’ with my homies.” – E-40

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