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I do “Wack Rappers Need Teachin’” drops, just so you all can see what I go through on the day-to-day. So, the other day I got an email from Lil Killa from Maryland. Basically, in the email Killa said he was better than Lil Wayne and he wanted to be feature in Ozone. And since his myspace page says, “Lil Wayne was on crack if he told you your da best,” I think he’s serious. Not only that, this white boy even said “my niggas” in his rhymes. Sorry dude, I had to put you on blast. Hopefull, Lil Killa won’t try to kill me.

Lil Killa – When I’m Ridin’

5 Responses to “Wack Rappers Need Teachin’ Pt. 6”

  1. 1Tyme

    I Cant say nothin the way the south put out BS this could be a hit!! real talk tho that beat could carry a wack rapper give it, to Boosie or Shawty Lo

  2. Sly

    it’s great to end my day with a laugh.

  3. Mic Skilz


  4. joo$e

    I dont mean to disrespect nobody….but i was looking at this clowns myspace and saw a trend… why is it white dudes that try to rap are scrawny as hell, have a bunch of white “rapper” friends, and have that one token black dude for moral support?

  5. Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Lil Killa > Lil Wayne

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